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Thread: Cheap TURQUOISE Inlay material

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn Hodges View Post
    Pete, I did not see floor sweepings on the site. Did you email them and ask for them?
    Hi Glenn,

    I didn't see them either so I just asked.

    A few hours south of Steve Schlumpf

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    This is the floor sweepings. It is three pounds. I thought you might want to see the size of the pieces. I am very happy with it.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    A few hours south of Steve Schlumpf

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    Got my shipment yesterday...(1 lb crushed; just like the pictures on the site) great little company. shipping was very fast. Now for my first try with stone....
    Wish me luck guys... I may be back for questions.
    Or maybe to show something off!

    "Everything is better with Inlay or Marquetry!"

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    Guys, I spoke with the lady on the phone yesterday and tried to explain how to get in touch with all you turners in the Dallas/FW area clubs. She's struggling to survive with a bad location for a retail business so she's turning to the internet. Good prices, good selection and can't wait to see it delivered! No personal interest other than a source for woodturners.

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    I thought I would resurrect this thread and add a couple things (pictures) to it, as well as recommend a source. I ordered the ‘floor sweepings’ from Colbaugh Processing. I placed the order and was transferred to a guy who handles the material. He said he would throw in a sample of red coral for me to play with, so I’m including a picture. Actually he put in two samples, stabilized and non-stabilized. Stabilized refers to impregnating the sample with resin so it won’t crumble when worked. It’s nice to get the stuff but since the coral is not bright red but more of a brick red I think it would have limited use, especially in mesquite. It would work better in a light wood.

    But mixed in with the blue turquoise was some green stuff. The site lists a material called Mohave Green Turquoise and that’s what I'm guessing this is. It’s a bright lime green and could be used for inlay like the regular blue turquoise. I assume the hardness and working properties are the same. Anyway, I ordered three pounds of turquoise and picked out maybe a lb of the green.

    The Colbaugh Processing site lists a $100 minimum but nothing was said about it for my order, other than ordering in pound lots. Great people to deal with. I ordered one afternoon and told them to just send it to my PO Box. That evening I got a call from them saying that they had checked and I could save a few bucks going UPS. Very nice of them to do that.

    red coral.jpg

    'green' turquoise.jpg
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    And now for something completely different....

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    Chris Yarish...
    I mix crushed (about like sugar and finer) turquoise with epoxy, and force it into cracks and holes in Mesquite. I ensure that it's a little proud of the surrounding surface of the wood. I do all this after I've turned the piece, and before sanding. After it sets up for overnight, I power sand the turquoise level with 80 grit.
    Then I sand as normal, and, because the turquoise doesn't sand as quickly as the wood, I occasionally power sand again, to make sure the turquoise is level with the wood.
    I have turned the mixture before but you have to have the cutters that are stronger than plain HSS. I have some cutters for my Oland tools that have 10% Cobalt in HSS, and they'll cut it just fine.
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    I got all my stuff I ordered from here and it was all great. I hope she makes it.


  8. Powdered turqouise and other stone for inlays


    I found your email thread on the Sawmill site about powdered turquoise and more, but didn't see the site where you found all the different colored stone.

    I hope this finds you well as all threads I found on the site were from 2008.

    Thank you,

    Gary Bardsley

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    Here's an email address for them.


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    Just found this today, as it's been resurrected (thanks!) Can't find anyhting decent on the bay for rough / crushed turquoise, and prices to here for postage are pretty steep too, so looking to find some in charity shops when we go out later (It's 'Mothers' Day' today), and she wants a walk round the shops... in the rain! Oh boy, well, 'Fathers' Day' is in June - so at leat we should have good weather for a day on the beach (my choice!).

    Take it easy out there, I can see some chips coming loose, but fingers crossed you're all wearing visors!
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