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Thread: How many Beers?

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    How many Beers?

    Please tell me I aint the only one.

    After a long day of work your buddies stop by on a Friday afternoon with a 24-pack of ( Whatever you like?) Corona's and then after 3 or 4 beers(maybe more) they want you to cut something for them. What do you do?
    How many beers does it take to not jump on a machine ?

    For some reason after a couple things dont look too straight.

    thanks amigos,

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    My rule is none before or during, but maybe a few after.
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    Man, thats a loaded question if your loaded! Don't do it!!!!!!!
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    I hope you are joking....

    Woodworking and booze don't mix.


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    Hah! I Drink A Lot

    Before, during, and after. The difference is thereís no alcohol in the beer Iím drinking. I all but quit drinking several years ago in my mid thirties but still like the taste of beer so now I drink non-alcoholic beer. Coors Non-Alcoholic and Kaliber are my favorites now. I cant stand OíDoulís I may have one or two gin and tonics a year or a real beer every once in a great-great while but thatís about it.


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    sometimes its tempting

    especially when youve only begun your first drink and you only have a little something to do, but, like the other guys, i aint going to turn on a power tool if ive had a drop.

    however, i will pick up a hand plane and make a few shavings after ive had a drink. I wont pick up a chisel though.


    Building my own Legos!

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    I agree with everyone here. Why take the chance?

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    This reminds me of the hunting trips I used to get invited to join. Nights filled with beer drinking, followed by everybody going out in a field at daybreak with guns in their hand, walking side by side, shooting at the first bird that would come up and fly God knows where!!

    They always sounded like a disaster just waiting for the opportune time. Never went, glad I didn't, and cannot understand why anyone thought they were fun times.

    Guns and alcohol don't mix, and neither do tools, cars, etc. About the only thing that goes with a drink is good company and a TV! Alcohol is a depressant. It effects the central nervous system, which, beyond the taste, is why people consume. It "relaxes." I need all of my fingers, and don't need to be running my tablesaw with a "relaxed" brain.

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    Arturo the past, I used to have a two beer limit. I'm getting older and probably wiser although it was probably the fact that my granddaughter came downstairs (16 yrs. old) and said that she was worried when I was drinking while doing woodworking. Must be that the young can teach the old a thing or two. Now...before or

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    No beer till the shop day is over... i had some buddies that would drink while in the shop, but i was very against it. no booze and power tools!!!

    "there is no such thing as a mistake in woodworking, only opportunities to re-assess the design"

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    Even with a fully stocked bar fridge, pride of place, I don't touch a beer until finished playing for the day. Although a couple while cleaning helps

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    The only tools I touch in my shop with a beer in hand:

    1. Broom

    2. Shop Vac

    3. Pencil

    But it is nice ( my fridge keeps the coldest beer in town ) to sit back and look at the mess I made !!!

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    In general I don't, but I also know my limits and stick to them. I never drink more than 2-3 beers in a sitting anyway, because I know I can handle that many (spaced out, too, I don't guzzle my beer). If I know I'm going out to the shop, I won't start before I do, but if something comes up that requires tool use after I've had a couple, I do what needs to be done. If several guys are together working on someone's house or whatever, we may put back a few while we're working, too, but again, I know my limits.

    "Don't get stuck on stupid." --Lt. Gen. Russel Honore

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    I don't drink beer, so it's wouldn't be a problem.
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    I am kinda of appalled, cause when I was drinkin,

    one of these was good enough for me.

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    "all men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night....wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible."
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