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Thread: Mobile Base Recommendations Wanted

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    Mobile Base Recommendations Wanted

    I just ordered a Steel City 26" Drum Sander and would like a mobile base for it. It weighs 485 pounds. Any suggestions?

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    Look at HTC mobile bases

    I have one for a 650lb jointer/planer, works great. Just find a welded mobile base close enough (slighthly larger is OK) than the base of the machine. Amazon frequently sells them at a very good discount.

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    Delta is the only way to go!
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    You can always make your own. The way I did it for my DP can be easily adapted for any machine. The benefit is that there is a minimal raising of the working height.
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    My table saw is probably about the same weight as your sander, and I have it on the Heavy Duty Shop Fox base (model D2057). I like it, but it doesn't have the pedals that you can step on to raise the tool up on wheels. Instead there are two screws that you turn to raise and lower the base. I haven't found that to be a problem because I usually only move the saw once in a while.

    The side rails are tubular steel and all of the steel is fairly heavy gauge. I think it does an excellent job of handling the weight I have on it, the base doesn't flex while moving it, and the leveling feet make it easy to get it to plant solidly on my uneven garage floor.

    Here is some info on the base at the manufacturer's website:

    I think I paid $70 for mine and I bought it from my local Woodcraft. It was pretty much the only base they had at the time that would handle the weight.
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    Grizzly has them available all the way up to 1300lb capacity. The one for your machine would be about $60.00.
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    I tried a HTC base for my 450lb bandsaw but it did not work well because my garage floor was uneven. I eventually made a steel base using lockable casters. I also made a steel base for my planer.


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    I have the Jet Heavy Duty model on my GRizzly Double Drum. It works awesome. Price was about $85 from rockler outlet in Pekin IL. I had to drill one extra hole to make it fit perfect.

    You SC model looks closer to my Delat planer though in dimensions. For that I went with the heavy duty HTC that was custom fit. It fits exactly perfectly.

    I personally hate the Shop Fox mobile bases. I will not buy another. They are sloppy fitting chinese junk in my opinion and their brakes are horribly designed.

    If the greatlakescaster leveling casters will work try that route maybe. They are great on my MM20 bandsaw and only ~$50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Roberts View Post
    I just ordered a Steel City 26" Drum Sander and would like a mobile base for it. It weighs 485 pounds. Any suggestions?
    Hi Bob-

    I've been shopping for a mobile base for my table saw. So I have very little first-hand experience, but have done a lot of reseach over the last few months.

    First, a purpose-built base is by far the best choice, and HTC is among the best. If you can find an existing production model that will fit, you are off to the races.

    Next best is a custom-made HTC. THey are very accomodating, and while not cheap (~$200 and up for the size you'll need) they are by all accounts excellent.

    Beware, though, that HTC is in the process of moving to a new/larger facility and you can expect some delays for custom or not-in-stock models. When I spoke to them last week they told me to expect a six to eight week delivery on a 24"x28" base.

    The "universal" bases get a wide range of reviews; some are happy, many are not. I think the problem is that the weight ratings are optimistic, and there are other parameters that come to play.

    If you don't expect to have to move your tool very often, and the center of gravity of the tool is near the center of the base footprint, you may be able to get away with a base that is at/near the weight of your tool.

    If you expect to have to move it often -- I have to move the saw every time I use it -- then reduce the weight rating of the base by a significant amount -- like to half or two-thirds of the advertised weight rating.

    Another factor that is important on the universals is how far they will be expanded. If the base is advertised as expanding from 14"x14" to 36"x36", you can expect a LOT more trouble when expanded to the larger part of that range. The rails sag, which puts the casters at a cockeyed angle, and they don't work well.

    Finally, in many cases you can help yourself a bunch by putting a substantial "floor" in the base prior to installing the tool. Like a 3/4 or 1" plywood. That helps reduce the amount of bending that the rails are subjected to and that reduces sagging, castor issues, etc.

    For a heavy tool like that, I'd suggest biting the bullet any buying an all-welded purpose-built base, even if it means waiting two months for an HTC custom. Otherwise you'll be cussing the bleaming thing as long as you have it.

    I'm a little luckier in that my saw only weights 250 lb or less. So I gambled on an HTC-3000. I'll know in a couple weeks if I made a good choice....

    Sorry for the long post.

    -Tom H.
    Ventura, CA

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    I bought one from HD for a bandsaw and it works great. I have the same one under my TS and it's fine there too. 30 bucks...can't go wrong. I think their rated at 750lbs(?)


    This site has absolutely awesome information...Thanks to you!!!

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    I have the Jet Heavy Duty as mentioned earlier under a 450 lb. 18" BS and a 460 lb. 8" jointer. They are easy to put together as it is just a matter of a pull pin. Works great on the concrete floor as I store the jointer in my back shop and have to roll it to the front shop almost daily.


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    I also have the Jet heavy duty under an 18" Bandsaw that is bolted to it. Great base. Rock solid.
    I have a couple of HTCs . Older versions, I am sure (10 yrs.) One under a jointer and one under a PM66 TS. Both have worked well for me.

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    I would recommend staying away from the shop fox mobile base (the one Tim linked).

    I and several others have the base and the rotating casters are oversized and drag on the frame, so when you push it the direction with the rotating casters leading, they drag the frame and it becomes very hard to move it.

    Best of luck.
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    I have the following base under my table saw and it ways over 500 lbs. Know problems moving the saw around with it.

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    I like (in order) Delta welded steel bases, HTC welded bases, Shop Fox (the big daddy version), then the Delta/Rockler supply your own wood bases. The supply your own wood bases are only good under lighter equipment, not recommended for your sander. I dislike the erector set bases as I find them (especially HTC) very unstable. They twist when set down so if your floor isn't perfect the machine rocks on top of the base. All the ones I mentioned are more solid.
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