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    Slot Car Box

    This is a Photo of a Slot Car Box that I mentioned in an earlier thread. I posted it because some folks aren't sure what a Slot Car is. My boxes are made for 1/24th scale Slot Cars, that are mostly raced on a Commercial, 8 lane track. It is the same concept as the small, HO scale sets that are mostly a home set. These tracks can be in any configuration, as as long as 250'. The tracks are made from MDF, with routed grooves for the guide tongue of the car to fit into. The track is powered by 12-14 volts of DC. Just finished this box this morning, and it's new home will be in New York. The boxes are 1/2" Oak Plywood, with 1/4" hardboard drawer bottoms/sides, and Car Shelves. The Car Storage is on either side, and the Car Shelves slide in and out, and are adjustable in 1" increments. I sell quite a few of these, and the LOML lets me use all the money for additions to my Wood Shop! AIn't she SWEET?
    The profits from this box, and another like it just bought my Dust Collector! Finish is Minwax Golden Oak & 3 Coats of Polycrylic.
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    I did slot cars in 1965 -1966 ( I was senior in high school) Did not know they were around anywhere anymore. I worked at a track in Knoxville TN for a year. It was the big thing then.

    My dad and I built slot car boxes and sold them at the track. They are about half the size of yours. I wish I still had one of those.

    Good Luck and good racing.....
    Bartee Lamar

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    Kevin -

    Pretty cool! I did slot cars back in the dark ages. Lots of fun. Had a pretty big HO set, too.

    Thanks for the memories. I bet you are really enjoying that. Didn't know they were still around.


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    Slot Cars

    Yep, there are still a few commercial 1/24th scale tracks around. It is still a relatively small hobby, just like it has always been. There has been some great advances in the hobby however. For those who raced slot cars in the 60's and 70's, you wouldn't believe the speed the cars run now. It is not uncommon for laps in the sub 2 second range, on 155 to 185' tracks..........and that is with multiple turns and banking that is not real high! I don't race much anymore, since the local track closed, but the hobby is very popular on both coasts. I sell quite a few Slot Car Boxes.....enough to keep my desire for new Woodworking toys satisfied. I think it is wonderful to be able to make some extra bucks to support my Wood Addiction. Woodworking is GREAT medicine for your head! About as good as time spent with Mother Nature in my Deer Stand.

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