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Thread: Question: gluing solid edgeband

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    Question: gluing solid edgeband

    I am gluing a 1/4" oak edgeband to an MDF top. I would normally clamp the edgeband, but I was wondering if it would work to just use ample painters tape to hold the edgeband until the glue sets. Any recommendations?

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    I have done it, I had some edge banding that did not have glue on it so I just glued it myself.

    I did use the blue painters tape and put it about every 1 or 1 1/2 inches apart. It worked very well and it has held just fine.

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    I often use blue painter's tape for this kind of clamping.

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    Tape will hold it on but it won't apply much pressure. If you are worried about how many clamps it's going to take, using cauls will reduce the number substantially

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    Lee Valley sells some surgical tubing that works really well for cinching banding on tight too.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll give the tape a try. I'll also have to check into that surgical tubing... sounds like a neat idea.

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