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Thread: Stuck Chuck - Makita 18V keyless

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    Stuck Chuck - Makita 18V keyless

    My chuck is stuck - need help. It has a bit in it right now & I can 't get it to loosen. I tried to "cheat" using a clamp for leverage, but it deflects the plastic & still no go.

    Drill is 6 months old - light weight Li-Ion.

    Any ideas?

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    Caveman fix

    Mine did that once, too. A downward hit with a rubber mallet trying to make the chuck spin did the trick. I am sure it's not good for the drill, but at that time my patience was running low !

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    Get a whole bunch of rubber bands and wrap them around the grip on the chuck to make it bigger. Clamp the bit in a vise so that the chuck can't turn. Use the elarged grip you created with the rubber bands to get a good grip on the chuck and twist, it should open. Once you get the drill bit out blow out any dirt in the chuck and lubricate it with a light machine oil.
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    I had a drill chuck on the same drill that started getting sticky. I told my friend who works at home depot about it, and he told me to just go to home depot and exchange it. I didn't believe him at first, but it worked. I got a new drill. I had engraved my name all over the old one so I figured they wouldn't take it back.

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    Places like the Dollar Store sell cheap rubber strap "grippers".
    Actually, Harbor Freight has their rubber strap wrenches on sale right now for $2.99.
    I keep a pair of them in the case with my hammer drill (keyless chuck).
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