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Thread: DeWalt cordless circ saw

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    DeWalt cordless circ saw

    Anybody have experience with the 18 volt DW cordless 6 1/2" circ saw?
    DeWalt DC390 is the model number. Wondering about how accurately [assuming the user is accurate] it cuts, and how long it runs on a charge.


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    I have had one of the 6 1/2" 18v cordless saws for about 3 1/2 years. However, after looking at the DeWalt website, I cannot say it is the same model number you referred to. The saw does a nice job, but it has some limitations. It runs about 2000 rpm slower than a corded saw, so it cuts noticably slower. It will cut framing lumber, regular or treated, but it is happiest when it is cutting material that is 3/4" or less in thickness. The DeWalt brand blades are thin, which helps.

    It is nice on a roof or on a ladder. I use it for pre-cutting sheet goods before bringing them in the house. It is very convenient for small jobs, since you don't have to bother with a cord. It will never replace my corded circular saw, but I would buy another one without hesitation.

    I also have Makita (Ni-Cd) and Bosch ("Litheon") cordless tools. In my experience, the DeWalt batteries are the weakest of the three brands.

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    I have a dewalt and a ridgid. I like both alot but the ridgid batteries charge in 1/2 hour

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    I have that saw and it makes a great book end. Actually, its been sitting under the basement work bench for months. It drains the batteries pretty fast so unless I'm in a place that I absolutely cannot get electricity, I prefer using a plug-in model.

    Despite it draining batteries fairly quickly, it does have a good amount of power for a cordless circular saw. I don't particularly care how the switch locks in the 'off' position either.

    As far as accuracy, it wasn't any less accurate than a plug-in circular saw and made a good cut. Its not a Festool, but cuts were just as good as the old craftsman circular saw I was using before purchasing my Festool Saw.

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    I have one and find it underpowered. It has gotten the job done when asked, but I hate running out of battery power half way through a job. Mine gets very little use overall. I love the drill it came with and the sawzall is not too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Malyszko View Post
    I have that saw and it makes a great book end.
    Great idea, Tim, except don't you need 2 for that purpose? I have contemplated filling my 939 with lead for use as a boat anchor.

    IIRC, at the time I bought my combo (about 5 years ago), it rated tops in battery life and depth of cut amongst 18v circ saws. If this was the best, it'll be my last and only cordless circ. My tool-buying dollars are too scarce for something with so little utility.

    If you want a cordless saw for incidental cuts away from a power source, invest in a good japanese saw.

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    Thanks folks....sounds like it is probably a tool that seems like a good idea at the time, but turns out to be something less.

    Any more opinions?

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    I used to use one on the roof to trim the shingles on the rake line, and cut vent holes.
    I find the battery to run out very quickly and now I haul up a corded saw.
    I'm with Tim - use it as a book end!!!!

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    We have one of the drill/circ saw/ sawz-all combos. Use it quite a bit on roofs and in attics when removing bats (have a nuisance animal business). Batteries could last longer, but that's why they make extras. It is a bit underpowered, but it wasn't bought for the screaming powerful motor.

    At least what it gets used for, it's definitely worth it. Great saw for those odd cuts in odd places which we have a lot of during the summer. Also works pretty well for trimming up some tree branches in a pinch If you'll typically have access to a plug, a corded is the way to go.

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    I have one and it works pretty well. I found that when cutting sheet goods, the batteries drain pretty quickly if I come off my line and they try to adjust my cut. That amount of binding on the blade will not affect a corded saw but drain the battery on a cordless in nothing flat. I use mine more for cutting 2X material, mainly 2X4's. All in all, a good saw for what it is designed for.

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    Just about the only thing I use mine for, is to hack off a piece of something in the non-electric woodshed. Works well for that though.

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    I've said this before about my Dewalt Circ Saw. I use it more with landscaping than I do in the shop. Probably one of my worst purchases and one I would not make again.

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    I used the dewalt saw for the entire framing job on this shed. As the only other saw I had was a corded cftsmn, that I didn't care for at all. I am quite happy with the saw and I like the ability to just pick it up and cut without looking for an extension cord and outlet.
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    I'm pretty happy with mine. It'll cut 10 sheets of 5/8" sheathing before a new battery is needed. I find ir a lot more handy than my old Craftsman, which I rarely use anymore.

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    I like to carry mine in the back of the SUV when I'm picking up construction lumber and plywood - makes it easy to cut down to fit at a Borg's parking lot.

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