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Thread: 120mm to 5" Dust Collection Adapter

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    120mm to 5" Dust Collection Adapter

    I will be taking delivery of a Hammer A31 31 jointer/planer in a few weeks (can finally trash my old Craftsman 6").

    I have 2 questions for all the experienced people on SC.

    The dust extractor on the Hammer is 120mm outside dimension. My DC system in from Oneida, and all the hoses and pipes are in inches (4, 5 and 6). I currently have a 4" hose (flex) going to the jointer. I could change it to 5" if needed.

    1. Should I use a 5" or a 4" hose going to the J/P? I only run one machine at a time, and the total run from the cyclone is about 6 feet of metal duct (from Oneida) and about 6 feet of flex hose (also from Oneida).

    2. Can you recommend an adapter or other solution to connect the 120mm outside diameter dust exctractor on the A3-31 to the 4" or 5" hose. I suspect that Oneida makes can make some type of fitting (cost is not an issue), but is it best to have an adapter right at the machine, and attach it direct to the flex hose. Is a quick release coupling of some type preferred? Any other solutions.

    I am sure I am not the first person to deal with this question. I recall seeing some posts from Jim Becker on a similar hook up from a few years ago, where he talked about using a Fernco coupler.

    Any input would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hammer have a reducer, part # 02.2.021 that is 100mm outside, 120mm inside diameter.

    That should work with a 4 " hose...........Rod.

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    Oneida can whip one up for you. I had them do a 6" to 120 mm reducer for my MM J/P. Oh, I'd go with 5"...6" if you have it available.

    I have mine on 6" flex and just slip it on...stays fine that way.
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    Thanks Chris and Rod for the quick replies. I will call Oneida and see what they can put together for me. (I am not sure I can reconfigure for a 6", but 5" is no problem).

    Is your recommendation to use have the adapter direct to the extractor port, and then a quick connect to the 5" hose?


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    I don't have any quick-connects for my J/P. I just have the 6" flex hanging there with the reducer connected and I simply slip it over the dust port on my machine when needed.

    However, I DO have a quick-connect (from Oneida) for the connection to my table saw (again, all 6"...I widened the original 4" dust port): 6" flex line to 6" quick-connect on some hard-pipe to my table saw.
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    I went with Nordfab for my machine / hose / blast gate connections. Oneida ordered the parts for me. It's easy just specify the RAW ID for the machine connection (i.e. 120mm) and then the size QF fitting you want (5" is good).

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    The Oneida adapter is very nice...and if you need one, let me know via PM as I have one that's not being used. Another solution is to use a Fernco rubber soil pipe clamp connector. It will slip over the 120mm port on the machine and a 5" flex hose will slip over the outside of it on the other side. I use this on my J/P with great results.

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