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Thread: How to get started with the project?

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    Hi Keith,
    I am going to institute the FPP with my eighth-grade students and will join your mission and goal to keep making pens until everyone is home and safe. It is a worthy and admirable cause to be a part of to help in anyway possible.
    I will incorporate this as a service learning project in my curriculum and am looking forward to helping out the cause!! I know Ken would be greatful and may he rest in peace. He will not be forgotten.

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    Thanks Mike,

    We are glad to have you and your students join us making pens for our Service Members. I know for a fact that pens made by American students are the most prized to receive.


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    DMS freedom pens arriving soon!!!!

    Hi Jackie and Keith,
    I am approaching completion of the 40 pens that I purchased from you for the FPP and will be shipping them out in the middle of next week. I hope the troops enjoy them!!!! I want to order more pens from FPP to reach my goal of at least 100 pens made by Davisville Middle School students before the end of the school year. I am thinking of having a turn-a-thon to meet this goal.

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    Thumbs up 60 pens being shipped tomorrow 5/30

    Hello SMCreeker's,
    I have 60 pens being shipped tomorrow for the freedom pen project from Davisville Middle School in North Kingstown, RI. My students have worked very hard to get these pens done and have included a letter to the troops emphasizing their support for their service and dedication. I am going to try to get 40 more pens done before June 18th to meet my goal of making 100 pens before the end of this school year. However, next school year every eighth-grade student will make a pen for the troops overseas which means my students and I will have donated over 300 pens over a year and a half for a great and worthy cause.

    God Bless America!!!!!

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    Pens shipped

    The pens are on their way to VA!!!! Please enjoy them!!!!

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    Thanks Mike,

    Freedom Pens are always appreciated, I hope your students get plenty of email from our Troops.


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    Robert B. Povalkins Guest
    Awesome site. Choked me up

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    Good shipping address:

    I'm brand new to pen turning. My wife purchased an amazing pen for me and I love it! It really sparked an interest in me.

    The reason I'm posting here is that I am in Afghanistan. I am an AF 1st Lt stationed at Camp Eggers in Kabul. I am here on a 365 day tour. I work in the HQ and can pass out anything you would like to send. Please feel free to use my address for this project:

    Boyd Walker
    APO AE 09356
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  9. I am starting with Penn State Industries and am turning the 10 free pens first then i will be looking for more pens to turn

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    I am a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. I just want you all to know this is an awesome project. I know a few that have recieved these pens. I am currently leading a 6 man team in afghanistan but when I get back to the states I plan on starting to turn pens and will definately take part in this mission. All your support means the world to us over here. Keep it up and thanks!

    Chris Knoth

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    I sent the money for 40 slimline pens via Paypal this morning.
    Is this a mix of finishes or all one finish?
    Have a nice day

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    very helpfull indeed
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  13. Great threat! thank you Jackie!

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    How do most of you engrave your pens? Do you use a rotary tool or just the table?
    Gorilla Duct tape 2 x 35;
    16oz Gorilla Super glue;
    16oz can WD40;

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    Freedom Pens are rarely engraved. Considering the number of people serving in the Middle East we can't possibly make pens for all of them so we crank them out as fast as possible and ship them. Several years ago I was engraving pens for Chaplains as I was able to get a list of their names from a local Army base and it took me a long time to get them done.

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