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Thread: Source for lumber in western PA

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    Source for lumber in western PA

    Does anyone have a good source for dried, rough (posibly S2S) lumber around the Pittsburgh area? Kilns and mills are hard to find in the book.

    Specifiaclly looking for a consistant source for walnut, maple, and cherry. My friend and I are always looking but not bulk buyers.


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    Check down on the main page, there is a Manufacturers forum, and Mike Morgan has a website and some lumber.

    There are also several guys in your area that post here, so I am sure someone will chime in shortly for other suggestions.

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    Yea, Mike Morgan. And he helps support SMC. I've purchased cherry from him and the quality and price is quite nice.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Ditto Mike Morgan.

    And he delivers!
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    Depending where you are and how far you want to travel I could give 10 different sawers. One fellow I use that always has nice wood on stock anytime is Niksic lumber in Freeport, Mars Lumber in Mars, East Elizebeth Lumber, Seneca Hardwoods in Cranberry near Emleton not the Cranberry out near Warrendale, Keim lumber in Vandergrift. There are a lot of sawers around here. Were very lucky to have so many people selling hardwoods for such a reduced price.

    Let me know if you need more

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    Thanx for the input. we also have source of some green stuff. Does anyone know of any local kilns we could rent time off of?

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    Niksic lumber in Freeport

    Hi Ben - I live in Freeport, PA 16229 but couldn't locate any information on
    "Niksic lumber in Freeport". Is this the same Freeport? If so do you have any contact info for them?
    Thanks - Tony

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