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Thread: Beadlock ?

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    Beadlock ?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Beadlock M&T.


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    I don’t have a bead lock and have not heard that much positive about them….other options to consider Kreg pocket hole system, Dowel max or a Mortise pal.
    I have the Keg and a Dowelmax and think they are great and have heard good things about the Mortise pal..Good luck

    Richard Poitras
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    I received one a year ago for Christmas. Very disappointing overall. I have tried to use it to join the rails/stiles on some flat panel cabinet doors. The issue I have is that it allows the two pieces to twist relative to each other. If you try clamping them flat at the same time you are clamping the joint together, it can crack the pieces at the joint. I was very careful when doing this and still had this problem. I've since gone back to traditional mortise and tenons. Should have never left them in the first place.

    I've had a Kreg pocket hole jig for years. It's some of the best money that I've ever spent. Having said that, it isn't capable of making a joint that isn't visible. It's great in the right application, but I wouldn't consider it for cabinet door construction unless it was for a utility room or shop.

    I read good things about some of the more expensive floating tenon joinery methods. I guess, as always, you get what you pay for.

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    I have one and have used it a few times, it worked ok for me. I have since gotten a mortiser, so I don't use the Beadlock often. You can find a review at,

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    Rockler has come out with a Beadlock PRO which looks much more precise.... I think the original beadlock was a good idea, but poor execution of the product. They went after low price, vs. quality. Rockler changed that, but I never used the Rockler one, but it got good reviews on the Rockler site.

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    You have to really pay attention to alignment details using the Beadlock. They make it sound easy - but if you get some sawdust in the jig or don't clamp the jig tight before you drill - or let the drill wander off square - the fit of the joint will be problematic. Of course, when you are cutting M&T joints by hand (or with a mortice machine & TS or router table) - the same caveats about meticulous setup apply.

    The Beadlock is truly the "poor man's Domino" - it works well if you take your time and pay attention to detail - but it's nowhere near as easy as a biscuit joiner or a Domino.

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    I had one and used it once. Then I got rid of it.

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    Thanks everyone for the input. I think I will pass on the Beadlock and try to build a jig for the router. Has anyone seen a simple jig, the only ones I have seen so far are pretty complicated. I know they would save some time but I am not in a hurry and with my skill level I would rather avoid complicated.
    Follow up from a previous post. I had been having trouble with my TS and with the advise from those here the saw was repaired and aligned correctly and is now working great. This is a great forum, I certainly have got my moneys worth.


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    I've used the Beadlock. It works but, it does require you to focus closely on alignment (unless your design is forgiving in that respect). I also noticed that their tenon stock cold be a bit snug for the mortise created resulting in the need for sanding of the tenon stock.

    With respect to a router jig for loose tenon joinery, I wrote about a simple jig that I use on my blog. Check out the post here.

    TheCraftsmansPath dot com

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