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Thread: Info on a Reliant Belt-Disc Sander

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    Info on a Reliant Belt-Disc Sander

    I saw an ad for a used Reliant 6" Belt 12" disc-sander (1 ˝ hp) model #DD612 but unable to find any information on it. Normally I would first try the OWWM site but it is temporarily down. Does any one have any experience with this brand machine? Are they Taiwanese or Chinese made? Also, I am still waiting for a response from the seller for more info. Thanks.

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    Similar unit

    I have a Reliant belt/disc sander at home, I belive they were the "house" brand at Woodworkers Warehouse, the defunked business where I purchased it.

    From memory, mine is a 6" belt, 9" disk and works fine 11 years later. The component that is less than ideal is the table; it can be moved from belt to disk, and is made of stamped metal. I have seen units with a cast iron table that looks more usefull for my needs. Because of this, and the spindle that comes with it, I bought a Ridgid belt/spindle sander and tend to use that more.

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    A friend has one so here are a few limited use thoughts...

    1. The 3450 rpm motor runs the belt sander/disc sander directly. Unfortunately the 3450 rpms disc seems to run a little fast. The disc sander will burn wood quite easily on grits higher than about 50 grit.

    2. The motor draws over 20A (110V) on startup and will sometimes trip a normal 20A breaker. My buddy starts it by hand to prevent the breaker from tripping.

    3. There are no problems with the bases on my buddy's machine. Both of them are fixed CI units and have an accessory slot for miters, etc. The tables are very stable and useful.

    4. The belt sander works great!

    This is the only belt/disc sander I've really ever used for more than a few minutes. So please take into consideration limited my experience with my comments.

    FYI-I think my friend's machine is about 6-7 years old.

    I hope you've found a great machine! Good luck!!!

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    Reliant was the house brand of Trendlines/Woodworker's Warehouse. They have been out of business for a few years, but their tools were "pretty similar" to many other house brand tools and brands out there.

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    Dan, a friend has the Reliant Belt/disc-sander. As Dick mentioned, the disk runs a little fast for wood (you’ll need a light hand to avoid burning the wood), but it is a kick-butt sander otherwise.
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    Thanks All.

    Here is a pic of the item. It seems similar to the Grizzly model G1183 or G1276 Combination Sander 6" x 48" Belt 12" Disc (except blue not green). The seller informed me it is Taiwanese made. Still deciding if I should go look at it this weekend.


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