If you dig a hole and drop a bucket in it; it's called a well. Dig a big hole and drop a house on it and it's called a basement. It's been estimated that 95% of all basements in America have seepage or water problems. The best way to stop seepage is to divert it away before it reaches the basement wall.
I had to install 125 feet of plastic field tile along side my house going out to the street to solve a water problem caused by my idiotic neighbor. His downspout rotted out and instead of having a proper repair done, they put an elbow and pipe running to the property line. The pipe previously ran into a tile going to the street. All the extra water now runs to my basement door. I had to tear out a sidewalk in order to lay the tile and then replace the sidewalk.
No flooding problem now. There is a construction forum called breaktime that has a lot of contractors who could answer your question in great detail.