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Thread: edge glueing, how thin?

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    Question edge glueing, how thin?

    I'm working on a box design and construction (approx 12w X 8d X 8h) using mahogany. My mahogany board is 5.5w which will require me to resaw/plane/edge glue panels for the walls and top (and maybe bottom).

    Estheticly speaking, how thick should the walls be?
    Glue-strength speaking, how thin can the walls be?


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    Paul Kunkel Guest

    I'd say to try to keep it between no less than 1/4"

    I've had seemingly strong pieces as thin as 1/8" after resawing and sanding but were never put to the test as they wound up in bent laminations. Bear in mind that your box is small, has no real stresses, and is secured at the corners. Maybe thinner would be OK

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    I'd keep it around a quarter inch for a box that size. Maybe even make the end panels half inch. As for the edge gluing, it'll be stronger than the wood itself, so don't worry. I've glued up many a quarter inch panel, and have never had a problem so long as the glue-line is edge jointed for a nice, tight fit.

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    Edge gluing how thick

    Bill I have edge glued 1/8" plain sawed boards, for parts without a stessful location with just titebond but never put any to a destruction test. Yallar glue is stronger than the wood after setup. It will suprise (did me) a torsion box from thin, didn't know it was a torsion box till someone posted it.

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