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Thread: Drill Storage

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    Drill Storage

    Don't laugh, I know it's overkill but in my old shop I was always digging in drawers for the right drill, or the spot in the metal index box always seemed to have an empty spot where the right bit was supposed to be. I decided to fix that with the new shop. I found a surplus cabinet, drilled holes in the top shelves for the forstner bits and spade bits and re-installed them at an angle. I added a slide out with dividers for the augers and made another slide out for the regular bits. I found some thinwall 1 1/2" plastic tube at HD and cut it to various lengths. I used a hole saw the same size to cut circles partway into the shelf so the tubes would fit down in but still have a bottom. I printed some clear labels with the sizes so these old eyes could read them, labeled the tubes and filled them up with bits. The drawers hold my taps, punches, etc. My kids say I have way too much time on my hands but I sure know where to find the right size drill and it was a fun project. Next one is for the router bits. Thanks for looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walt Nicholson View Post
    Thanks for looking.
    Walt, this sounds like a great idea. the pic police will say, "no pics, it didn't happen."

    Do you have some photos of it?

    Be well,


    EDIT: LOL...Walt posted the photos while I was typing my reply. That IS a really nice cabinet. Nice job.

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    Now that is alot of bits.....

    Nice job on the cabinet. Verrry orginized.

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    Walt, where do you buy your drills from in bulk like that? Beautiful cabinet and great job!

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    Great idea. Or, One more thing to put on my list to do; not that I'm obsessive

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    Cool rack! If we had "American Idol" for shop organization you'd definitely be "going to Hollywood!"
    "Live like no one else, so later, you can LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE!"
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    Nice! Looks very organized...

    I'd build one, but my single 7/64ths bit would look a little silly in a 1.5" diameter cup. Maybe I could use drinking straws instead...

    (I'm a *little* jealous over size of your collection there!).

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    I see one size that you're missing. For the small fee of $10,000 I'll tell ya which one it is.
    Good idea there Walt.
    By the way, I just slapped myself for the smart a$$ response about missing a size.
    On the other hand, I still have five fingers.

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    Jeez Walt,
    My bit collection just got an inferiority complex, as did my sense of organization. Apparently, I have found my next dp project. Got plans?

    Verrrry niiiiice!

    My continuing search for old tools- rusthunter dot com

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    That looks sharp!

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    Form and function, what more can a guy ask for. I like the idea.
    GO Buckeyes!

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    Mike H., I got a set from Woodcraft that is 170 bits made up of a bunch of each size that is most commonly used and added the ones I already had to it. They are just average quality for metal but work good in wood and I had some good metal bits already. They don't show up on the WC site but our local store still has a bunch in stock. Rockler and Garrett Wade both were advertising them. Thanks

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    Not only doe the cabinet look organized now, it looks like it has room to grow and stay organized! Something many organizers don't have the ability to do. Great job! A similar one may end up in my shop!


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    Hey Walt,

    If you ever get down Tulsa way....I'll let ya stop in and help organize my shop. Looks GREAT!!

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    off topic

    Hi Walt.

    I noticed your DP table in one of your pics. Did you make that setup?

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