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Thread: How do you remove this wax from wood blanks?

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    How do you remove this wax from wood blanks?

    I have a small project I wanted to build with some beautiful and dense wood.. so I bought these 2 bowl blanks from rockler.
    One is cocobolo and the other is lignum vitae.
    I'm not going to turn them ... I will probably cut, router, sand and drill them into the final project.
    Before I remove the wax, I was curious how you guys/gals remove the protective wax from these expensive blocks of wood?

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    Card scraper here for me.

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    If you can cut your project out of those blanks, you might not have to worry about the wax plus it's a good lube for your blades. remember that that wax is there for a reason and most likely, the wood is still somewhat green.

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    That's good to know... I didn't realize the wood might still be a bit green.

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    From what I have heard it is best to turn bowl with somewhat green wood.
    So they seal the blanks so they will not dry out and can stay on the shelf longer.
    I would also go with the card scraper.

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    That makes sense... but I will not be turning a bowl with these ...
    The final shape will be similar to what they already are +- 1/2" or so.

    Another good response I got was this...

    Remove the wax from every face, leaving the end grain sealed. Use a scraper, razor blade, wipe with mineral spirits, whatever works for you.
    Stick the blanks out in the garage.
    Retrieve blanks from garage in 6 months.
    Remove wax from ends.
    Stick blanks back in garage.
    Retrieve in 2 months.

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    Scrape, then naphtha.
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