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Thread: TV in the shop?

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    Apr 2007

    TV in the shop?

    I'm curious to know if other woodworkers have TV's in their shops. I use mine to watch DVD's on woodworking and to watch some football, golf, etc, etc. My very supportive wife seems to think that is a bit much for a "work" area. Do other Creekers have such entertainment in their shops?

    Thanks for your comments. (I hope to show my wife the results.)

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    Zimmerman, MN
    Absolutely! I have cable connected and several speakers mounted in the ceiling through out the shop. Like you I watch ww videos's and football or just listen to the stereo.

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    Yes I have a TV in my shop.

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    Phoenix, AZ
    Just Sirius so I can listen to Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Superman, Have Gun Will Travel, etc. while I work.

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    A tv, yes. To watch the Utah Jazz
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    but I don't get much accomplished when it's on.


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    Yes, and always will. I'm also smart enough to not watch it when I'm working with equipment.

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    I have my PC with a HD Hauppage tuner card to watch TV. I like it for instructional videos, TV and what not. My garage/shop is also my "man-cave".

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    No TV, just an Apple speaker box for my iPod. I think TV would distract me a be unsafe. Though I am thinking of getting a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 3's to wear in the shop.

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    The "shop" is one place I go to escape the "brain eater".

    I swear I can see this plasmatic cloud of brain material being sucked out of my grandson's head - through his eyes - as he sits transfixed to the cartoon channel.

    By an odd coincidence - and bear in mind it's 2:30am - I'm on the verge of committing mayhem against the one eyed brain sucker in the bedroom.
    My wife fell asleep with an Alfred Hitchcock DVD in the player....

    FWIW - when a DVD plays to the end, it recycles to the opening screen.
    I've had the Alfred Hitchcok theme playing over, and over, and over and over and over and over - for who knows how long.

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    No, just a radio.

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    I use to.....

    Until I was distracted and dadoed my finger. Had the TV on basically as background noise while ripping stock, something on TV caught my attention for a fraction of a second, then the saw blade got my attention in a big way! Stupid $2700 emergency room mistake on my part. Iíll just stick to the radio.


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    Two radios, one in the front of the shop, the other in the back, both tuned to the same station (classical music) My son comes into the shop and just rolls his eyes and says, that music is going to put you to sleep and your going to fall on your saw. No TV

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    I might buy a flat panel, but would only watch when on break. I do have 12 speakers, individual room volume controls, an old Imac loaded with Itunes going through a high end sound box into one 200 watt Citation amp and one 35 watt Kora Tube Amp. All my stereo gear got banned from the living space, so my shop is meant to be my listening room. Will probably invest in acoustic enhancements down the road.

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    Used to, but like Dave it was to easy to get stareitis and end up watching TV all afternoon, it finally broke and I get much more done now.

    Installed a tri amped stereo and a pair of DIY speakers simliar to the JBL 100 series, and that is on when I'm in the garage now.

    Although we have a old 19" TV that just sits in the basement and someday I might make a entertainment cabinet for the garage and bring it out there...someday.

    But I could see shutting a TV off when your playing with sharp tools.

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