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Thread: Can I sand Tung Oil Finish?

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    Can I sand Tung Oil Finish?

    I completed my first project and am not happy. I have construced a box using walnut. The corner joints are Box Joints made with Jointech Router workstatsion. The joints are well done, but I failed to propely clamp them at glue-up leaving a gap in one joint. I will fill the gap.

    I plan to use cauls in future clamping sessions.

    I also did not do an adequate job of removing the glue squeeze out. After applying Tung Oil the glue stain is very noticeable.

    Can I re-sand JUST the area where the glue stain shows and then apply a new coat of Tung Oil? The finish really looks good elsewhwere.

    How do you clean up the glue squeeze out?

    This site is a wonderful resource and I appreciate your time to help a newbie.

    Alan Ross

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    Yes, you can just sand off the finish. If you start sanding and the finish balls up on the sandpaper, it isn't cured yet. Wait a while and try again.

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    Glue removal!

    REMOVE WHILE WET! Tite bond, Elmers, etc. with a wet rag. Grizzly, can be removed with mineral spirits. Others, wipe,wipe,wipe. Good luck.

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    Is it "100% real Tung Oil" or "Tung Oil Finish"? The latter is just a wiping varnish and likely contains no tung oil at all. But yes, you can sand it off whether it's the varnish or the oil. The latter doesn't penetrate all that deeply.

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    By the way, there is an easy way to be sure that you don't have glue on the surface before applying finish. If you wipe the surface with mineral spirits or naptha you will reveal the glue. You should do this in any event just to be sure of removing the dust from the surface.

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    Thanks for the information... I will check to see which Tung Oil I have>

    Thanks for advice regarding glue squeeze out.

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