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Thread: Location for shop heater

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    Location for shop heater

    Where is the best place to put an electric shop heater? I am going to hang a 220V electric heater in my 2 1/2 car garage shop and didn't know if there is a "perfect" place to put it because of the overhead doors.
    Front two corners are by the overhead doors. I guess I can count those out. The left back corner, if I hang it there, will be over my dust collector. The right back corner will be hanging over the door going to the upstairs. I thought about hanging in the center rear wall but that is over a door as well. If it helps, here's the heater I bought.
    Any suggestions?


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    The usual place to put heating sources is by the source of the cold air. If you look at your house, you'll notice that the majority of the baseboard or heat supply is at the perimeter of the room or house. I would suggest as near to the overhead doors as possible to one side. The rear wall over the door would be another good location.

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    What's the reason for putting a heater by cold air? I'm not up on my heating info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Ormerod View Post
    What's the reason for putting a heater by cold air? I'm not up on my heating info.
    The placement of the heater near the area of greatest heat loss is simply for comfort. Most rooms lose the majority of their heat on outer walls with windows and door openings. If you put the heat source away from the windows the area of the room near your thermostat will be comforable and it will be cold by the windows.


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    On the floor is where I have mine. The heat rises so let's get the floor area warm first.

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    Eddie, that Dayton is similar to the Farenheat unit I have. I have installed it in three separate shops and each time have moved it around trying to find the ideal spot.

    Originally had it in the middle of the short wall facing across the longest length of the shop.

    On my next move I placed it in the back, facing forward, blowing towards the garage doors.

    Currently, I have it mounted between the two garage doors blowing straight back (exact opposite of the last one). The air conditioner is mounted on the back wall and blows straight forward towards the doors.

    Each placement was dictated by obstacles and wiring (mine must be hard wired). In each of the three locations, the net result was about the same - it heated the room!

    The one thing that units like this will not do is heat the floor. That concrete is going to stay cold no matter what. To make matters worse, at my last house, the garage floor was a monolithic pour all the way down the driveway. It was a giant heat sink! To help alleviate the problem, I use a couple of infrared heaters on the floor near where I am working. I also have rubber mats for both warmth and cushioning. I've thought about buying the heated rubber mats, but so far the infrared heaters and rubber mats work.

    Be well,


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    I keep thinking since the heater has a built in thermostat, the heater will keep running if it's by the overhead doors. If I put it away from the doors then the heater wouldn't click on that much. Then I guess the shop by the overhead doors would be colder.

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