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Thread: People with cordless tools, still use corded ones?

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    People with cordless tools, still use corded ones?

    For those of you with nice cordless tools, like recip, circular, jig saw, etc..., do you find yourself reaching for those more often then your more powerful corded tools?

    if so, what percentage would you say you use the cordless vs the corded?

    i know it's "depends on the job" kinda thing, but say even that, how about just purely based on your typical week or whatever, what percent do you use of each?

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    i have a cordless drill, sander, circ saw

    i use my corded hammer drill for concrete, and my smaller 3/8 drill doesnt even work, so rarely on the drill

    the sander i use 50/50. smaller tasks and touchups, cordless, most all else corded

    circ saw, 95% corded. my vintage rockwell is just way too stable to pass up.

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    About the only time I use my corded drill is when I use pocket screws and on concrete.
    Glenn Clabo

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    Still use my corded hammer drill.... sometimes or if the hole I need is really big. I just hung some workshop cabinets on my cinder block walls and used my Milwaukee cordless drill with the hammer option and it worked great.

    I rarely pull out my big DeWalt circular saw unless I am cutting a lot, like helping a friend with a deck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Wellman View Post
    Still use my corded hammer drill.... sometimes or if the hole I need is really big. I just hung some workshop cabinets on my cinder block walls and used my Milwaukee cordless drill with the hammer option and it worked great.

    I rarely pull out my big DeWalt circular saw unless I am cutting a lot, like helping a friend with a deck.
    that's a good point James, if one's doing a decent project like a jungle gym or deck, a cordless is not going to cut it (pund intended)...

    i guess i'm debating if i should KEEP my ridgid 18v 8 piece cordless kit i bought for $270 new, or sell that and get the ridgid 24v cordless tools (recip, circular, jig), or screw that all together and spend a little more and get nice corded tools, say makita or bosch barrel jig saw, milwaukee or ridgid swivel recip saw, and makita or other good corded circular saw...

    the thing is i'm only a weekend warrior, i'm thinking i should keep the cordless because it's convenient and i'm not going to be demanding all that much from them, then again i'm just hoping i won't regret buying the corded tools from the start cus it's more powerful...

    so why don't you guys also mention what do you use your tools for and if you do it regulary or is it just weekend projects...

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    I tried to go cordless about a year ago for whatever reason.

    Ditto on the corded hammer drill when going into concrete.

    I reach for the cordless circ saw first, but it dies down quickly. I find this tool is more helpful outside. It works well trimming big tree limbs, adjusting a fence, etc. For woodworking, if you put in anything more "toothed" than the factory blade, the battery's life is just horrible. If you keep the rougher cut blade on, then the battery life is more manageable, but the cut sucks. Of course, my other option is a corded crapola B&D that will NOT die. I'm trying to kill it. I really am. I really think a FESTOOL would fit well into my workshop.... But that's the problem with 20-year-old B&D tools....they don't die as easily as the new ones.

    I ALWAYS reach for my cordless jigsaw. That thing is beautiful. It was my bandsaw before I got my I can actually cut curves on a real machine. My poor jigsaw won't know what hit him.

    I use a cordless recip saw. I does just fine. No problems. I'm finishing my basement and it works like a champ.
    I ALWAYS reach for my cordless drill for wood projects. That thing is WELL used in my shop. I went for the 18V Makita on Eb*y, and that was probably the best purchase I've made. No problem with pocket screws.

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    yeah i think everyone uses a cordless drill over a corded unless its for hammer purposes, personally i don't think any man is complete without at least a decent cordless drill

    but i guess i'm more concern with other cordless saws...

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    There are some tasks that a cordless tool, while being workable, doesn't give the ideal performance. I use an old corded drill/driver for doing pocket screw holes. It has the speed and power to do the job for long periods of time. I use a corded reciprocating saw 'cause when I pull one of those out, it's because I need to do some heavy duty cutting. Both of my circular saws are corded...the old B&D from the 1970s (still going strong) for framing work and the Festool for "fine woodworking". Corded makes sense there.

    Honestly, the only cordless tools I actually use are my drill/drivers; a Dewalt 14.4v and my beloved Festool TDK 12v. Those absolutely make sense to be portable and cordless.

    While my nail guns have "tails", my general contractor's team uses several Paselode untethered guns for all the finish work. On the days I helped with the wide pine flooring, I had the opportunity to shoot those guns a bit and I have to say I'm very impressed. For finish carpentry, I'd buy one of those in a second if I were going to be doing a lot of it. Absolutely makes sense, even with the extra cost of the guns and the "power supplies". But for in the shop...a hose is no big deal...and the same applies for small home improvement projects for which I have a small portable compressor.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    I agree that the use of cordless drills definitely is the first one I grab. However I still have and use my Milwaukee HoleShooter for the really heavy drilling.
    I also have a cordless circl. and recep. saws. I like them again for the quick, light work, but usually reach for something with a cord for the heavy or more continuous work.
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    Drills, I go cordless unless the job requires the higher speeds that cordless don't reach (pocket holes for example). I'd love a good cordless circ-saw but for the price of a 'real one' and the frequency that I break down sheet goods, I'll keep the cord. I have two overhead 12ga reels in the shop so corded tools (and the rewinding of extension cords) aren't really much trouble. I guess I would only go cordless on anything besides a drill if I had to, due to the job location.
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    Pocket hole joinery. As a matter of fact, I store my corded drill with my pocket hole set-up.
    Go Pats


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    Same here I have a corded drill for my pocket hole jig. I use it for other task's but rarely.

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    Usually use corded tools in the shop with the exception of using a cordless driver with clutch for fasteners.

    Work in the field, I also prefer corded, unless the cord is going to be a real PITA, like up on a ladder.
    Bill R., somewhere in Maine

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    Well I am also a weekend warrior but use cordless mostly. I would say the only thing I don't use a cordless for regulary is the circular saw. The cordless one dies to quick. Also I will use my 18V dewal for a hammer drill most of the time I may go through a batt but it is still easer than pulling out the Bosh, although the bosh is easer to drill. The corded rotozip is also much better with lights and speed control than the single speed DeWalt, i perfer the cordless but the corded one is just a better tool so I use them about 50/50.

    I alwas use a cordles sawsall, this is increadbley handy for cutting trees wood etc. Cordless screwdrivers alwas, cordless impact driver. main thing is you get one kit with the same battery so you can just swap them out around tools and alwas have one in charge.

  15. Yes, my circular saw is corded since it seems that I wear down batteries too fast in the battery one I my 1/2" and 3/4" hammer drills are since I drill through lots of thick metal and concrete with jig saw is corded too.....everything else is battery

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