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Thread: Photo Paint/ Photo Grav Question

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    Photo Paint/ Photo Grav Question

    Question on removing backgrounds on a portrait so "only the photo engraves and not the background"

    I know this topic has been discussed before, but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm trying to engrave a portrait onto marble. But I can't seem to remove the background of the photo so that a close up of the subjects head will be the only part to engrave. I'm using photo paint and then processing in photograv. When I engrave the photo, the removed background still engraves.

    Can anyone help break down how to remove the backgrounds on a photo.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Nametko View Post
    When I engrave the photo, the removed background still engraves.
    I suspect what you mean is that a solid background engraves instead of "the removed background engraves."

    I also assume you mean black marble. If so, then the background must be black so that when photoGraV inverts it it will be white and therefore not engraved.

    Depending on how you are removing the background and your photo editing software, you probably want to make your background black before saving the file; then, you'll get the message "background will be merged with object." To test your work, immediately open the file you just saved in your photo editing software and see if it has a black background b4 proceeding to PhotoGraV.

    In PhotoPAINT, here is location of Background color.PP Background.JPG
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    Why is Corel Photopaint's "invert"

    not as great as Photograv's?
    Just curious?

    So far, lasering a photo of my friend's White-ish Pomeranian hasn't been 'zactly perfect. Fun, but not perfect.

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    If that background is still engraving (it should be black) you most likely don't have a pure black. The image should look like this before it goes into photograv. It is then turned into a negative and the (solid)black background becomes white and the image is a negative.

    Picture 1 - colour but with the background removed.
    Picture 2 - black and white
    Picture 3 - negative image

    The engraved one will look like image 3 when it gets imported into Corel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barb Macdonald View Post
    CorelPAINT's invert not as great as PhotoGraV's?
    Invert is invert. I doubt if there is any better/worse, but if you have PhotoGraV I think most would recommend letting it do the inversion because it would do that after it does it's thing.
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