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Thread: Hollow Forms and How I Turn Them

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    Great one Steve! I especially like your steadyrest......Ron

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    Great pictures, tutorial and presentation....Thanks


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    File Uploaded

    I, for one, liked this tutorial. I also wanted it in one convenient file so I could study it, print it out, and when I feel experienced enough to give it a shot to have a copy sitting next to me by the lathe for the inevitable question of "how did he do that again?"

    If you'd like it in one complete file with pictures, here it is:

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    Thanks Steve, Like Your Steady Rest. Happy Turning

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    Steve, great post, and tutorial. Do you feel the steadyrest is a "must use" tool for HF's?

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    Very nicely done Steve!

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    Thanks everyone for all the interest and kind comments - it is appreciated!

    Dale - in a word - Yes! The blank is secured by the chuck only and without the steadyrest for support I honestly believe it would pose a flight risk. There are a lot of rotational forces that you encounter when hollowing (remember you can't see what's going on inside) and you need a way to help 'steady' or secure the form.

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  8. Thanks so much
    I am just getting started in hollow forms

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    Hi steve,

    I'm late coming to this, but it was excellent. Everything you do on this forum personifies the best of Sawmill Creek. Your pictorial of the vacuum chuck setup was great, your answers to many of the questions posted here are truly a sign of generosity matching your artistry. Thanks, Hilel.
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    Great tutorial! I love the donut chuck. As a new turner, my designs have been limited by my chuck jaw sizes. I generally let the wood dictate the shape, design, and size of the end project and I often feel that certain designs would be better served with no tenon or recess. So thanks for that unexpected suggestion. I really like the steady rest as well. I think I'll have to build something similar in the near future. As a side question, how much was the hollowing system that you used?

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    Thank you for sharing your methods and techniques. Excellent job with the illustrations and outlining the steps to create a beautiful hollow form.

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