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Thread: Jet JJ6CSX fence adjustment

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    Jet JJ6CSX fence adjustment

    I picked up one of these and have a couple questions I don't see answered in the manual -- looking for comments from those who are a bit more familiar with this machine than I...

    1. see photos below; there does not appear to be a method to adjust the fence left/right. Is it wrong to assume the cutout on the fence should be centered over the cutterhead opening? The cutterhead has plenty of clearance -- it just seems odd.

    2. should the fence drag across the outfeed table like it does? it seems to be scratching it up pretty good. I suppose I could raise the fence support casting but the manual says the fence support casting should be flush/even with the outfeed table. Mine arrived with the fence support slightly (maybe 1/64") proud of the outfeed table.

    Thank you.
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    1. If you search the internet forums you'll find many new owners that discovered the same thing. It seems that this was an issue with the casting, and there is no way to line up the notch in the fence with the cutter head. I've heard reports that it won't affect the performance, but it is the kind of thing that would bug me on a new machine.

    2. I haven't seen one of these in person, but I thought there was some sort of composite thin pad on the bottom of the fence so that it wouldn't scratch up the table.
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    Paul, I have the JJ6CS (non-X) that I bought about six years ago. I just checked mine and that notch is forward of the head like yours, but only extends over the head about 1/8 inch on the right. Yours looks much more than that. I've never had a problem with that little overhang, but would recommend you call Jet just to confirm it's OK, seeing as how much it appears to be overhanging the head.

    As for scratches, mine did the same thing. I rarely move it, but when I do, I loosen it up enough to pick it up slightly, then move it into position. I have several friends that have the same unit and all scratched their tables as well.

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