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Thread: What tools are you planning on buying this year?

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    Nov 2004
    Boynton Beach FL

    Longer Range than just 1 year

    2008 - Domino and 8" jointer

    2009 - Band saw

    2010 - Retirement and fulltime wood dust making.

    Although, in my family we view p_l_a_n_s as 4 letter words.

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    LOML doesn't know this yet, but I am looking to get a SC 18" bandsaw this year. I also may get a dedicated plunge router with good dust collection. I hate cleaning up after using my PC 693 plunge router. The chips go everywhere.


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    Bandsaw, 1st project is to resaw some Bubinga for a corner table.
    LV Bevel Up Smoother, Jack, and.or Jointer for the love of the game.
    Maybe a power jointer, maybe not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Bullock View Post
    That's an interesting question Randal. I noticed that like most others who have responded you are already procrastinating because you didn'd say what "specific project" you're planning to make."

    Last year was spent more on tools and shop type projects, thought that still isn't done. One of the projects I procrastinated on was my carriage doors for my garage (built between 1927 and 1935). Since it is small, and needs some work, I looked into expanding it. No can do (codes, verses property size). I have since learned that I could get by with a bump out (to replace the one my grandfather did for the old boat size vehicles), so my truck could fit in it. And I will have to build a lean to, beside it, to move the lawn stuff into.

    Lot's of house projects this year, last year was spent on tools, knowledge, and getting ready (made the most money I ever have last year, so I wanted to buy the stuff while I could).
    My big woodworking project is the kitchen, but now that might be waiting (depends on the roof).

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    Drill Press, Band Saw, Jointer/Planer, benchtop Spindle Sander, Domino, another router

    The drill press (Steel City) is a definite. The Band saw (Grizzly 17") is very likely. The jointer/planer (Jet combo machine?), Domino, router (Bosch?)... maybe. The spindle sander is a done deal since I already got my Home Depot Gift cards from Amex (getting the Rigid).

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    If I come up with the money, I plan to purchase the following:

    Large Bandsaw (in order of preference)
    Agazzani 20"
    Grizzly 514X2
    Delta 20" (one of the old ones)
    Grizzly 560

    EZ Guided Saw System

    Cyclone (again, in order of preference)
    Oneida 2 hp Gorilla
    Grizzly 2 hp

    Depending on how much I work - retired ya' know - might get them all, might get none.

    John Bailey
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    Most of my tool acquisition this year (and beyond) will likely be hand tools of the Neander type. I do have my eye on a few more Festool things over time and would like to get an edge sander once I reconfigure the shop (again...) to be able to accommodate such a machine. That will largely be an operation of "material inventory relocation" to the second floor.

    On the other hand, I'm debating on whether to actually keep my drum sander and/or combo sander since they both get so little use and take up so much space. I can build a bridge routing system for surfacing slabs and that's pretty much most of the occasional use for the drum sander. The edge sander would replace the combo and is more in line with my usage needs.

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    After 20 years of waiting, I finally got a basement I can put a shop in, so in the last 3 mo. of '07 I bought a Delta Platinum Edn Unisaw w/the 50" Bies fence (used), a 14" Powermatic BS (used maybe once), an 8" Grizzly jointer (G0500--used), a 20" Grizzly planer (used), a JDS Cyclone 2000, a Bench Dog ProMax router table extension wing, and a bunch of new Festools (Domino, TS55 track saw, OF1010 router, ETS150 ROS, MFT1080, CT22). I'm hoping next year treats my wallet a bit more gently. That said, I'm waiting for a good buy on:

    - Floor standing DP
    - Drum sander
    - Wet slow speed sharpener
    - Gas welding rig

    I'll probably sneak some smaller stuff home too while the wife is at yoga--looking at some LN planes and probably have to research some decent chisels.

    Also, need some decent wood storage... Going to relieve my dad of hundreds of bd ft of 6/4 and 8/4 QSWO from a tree he took down and had milled years ago.

    The list of projects is way too long. Workbench. Bookcases for study, guestroom. Display pillar for a sculpture. Some largish frames. A TV stand. A console-table like thing for the bedroom. I'm also committed to doing kitchen cabinets for a home we are building in the mountains.

    Then again, my wife is expecting in Mar., so probably nothing gets done that can't be done in the next 2.5 mo.

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    I have my eye on the Rikon 14" deluxe bandsaw and the Griz G0440 2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector. I am planning on building a dining room table that seats 10-12 but haven't decided if I like a Queen Ann style or one with dual pedestals.

    Cut once, bandage twice!!

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    This week:

    Festool TS55 with 1080 package
    Festool OF1400 with CT33 package
    Festool 106" rail

    Festool RO150 with the Rotex watch

    that should do for awhile until Spring-Summer

    PS. I had a very good Christmas/Birthday and sold some of my gear.
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    What I'm planning to buy and what I actually end up with might be two different things

    I would like to get an Original Saw Co. Radial arm saw with new dado set to match bigger arbor.

    A few more items from Lie- Nielsen.

    A second complete router table set up with master lift.

    A new cordless drill.

    Misc accessories fro the shop.
    Michael Gibbons

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    I plan to upgrade my planer, I currently have a DeWalt 733 12" planer and I have my eye on a Powermatic 209HH 20" planer with the Byrd head. My jointer has the Byrd and I love it. Another thing everyone should think about is making sure they include a contribution to SMC as part of their tool budget. Please contribute in 2008.
    Ray Scheller

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    I just ordered a new broom.


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    Maybe a cyclone dust collector - since i've increased my square footage significantly, I think i'll need a beefier DC and I might as well get a cyclone.

    Also been pondering a Drum Sander (performax style) for the last few years. This may be the year for that purchase. Maybe.

    But ... before any of that ... I will be buying a pool table!
    Jason Beam
    Sacramento, CA

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    The first item on the list is a Makita LS1013FL. I'm just about ready for it as soon as it goes on sale somewhere for the price point I'm aiming for. Then I'll be saving my spiff money for a cabinet saw. Hopefully toward the end of Dec. Will watch for a good used one, and if I can't find something, then I'll probably go the Griz 1023 route, just not sure which flavor. That will just about do it for the year for me, if I even get that far. Jim.
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