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Thread: Any plans available for plow plane

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    Any plans available for plow plane

    Hi all. Just curious if anyone has seen plans for building a simple (or complicated) plow plane. Doesn't have to be the worlds most complicated but it seemed like it might be an interesting project to dabble in...



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    Making Traditional Wooden Planes by John M Whelan, Astragal Press has plans for a couple of different designs.

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    Also, go to William's plane site. There's an article on making plow planes:

    It's not real descriptive but there's some good info and some good pictures.

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    The Old Street article basically explains why I personally will most likely never attempt making a skated plough plane. I do not even come close to having the ability to do what is required of the irons in such a plough. It sounds as if they really put a ton of time and work into getting these irons perfectly fit for the plane. I posted a thread a few days back about plough plane recomendations and decided that I will probably get the Veritas version for now and save until I can afford Old Street's version or one of similar quality and make. Since I've been using planes I have always loved looking at a finely crafted plough and dreamt of owning one, similar to how many feel about owning an infill around here. An infill smoother would be wonderful but for some reason a beautiful plough has more appeal to me.

    And the Fine woodworking versions are really a viable option as most grooves are a certain depth a certain distance away from the edge. I bet many people's ploughs remain on the same setting for the majority of their work.

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    I feel like making a plough iron is doable, but the issue becomes making a set of irons that are well matched... it'd certainly be a challenge making a proper plow plane, but if you got your hands on a matched set of irons, making the plane itself would be possible.

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    I think Matt Kinney had a similar article on FWW.

    His were a simple 1/8" left and right set for drawer bottom grooves.
    LN supplied the iron, if my feeble memory serves.

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    You can find the article on the LN site. Look for the 1/8" blades; there's a link to a PDF of that article.

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