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Thread: Workbench plans

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    Workbench plans

    Here are my drawings for a workbench I'll be building later this month. The plans are designed to compensate for finished stock thickness (ie 16/4 being 3.5' - 3.75"). The goal is to focus on key areas rather than overall dimensions.

    Hope this is useful to someone...
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    Justin, I tried to open your plans and all I got was jibberish. Would like to see you try again with maybe a different format, please.
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    Can't seem to figure out how to edit the OP so here goes again, this time uncompressed.

    Someone let me know if you can read it.
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    Justin - both the original zipped file, and the later pdf file opened ok for me.

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    I got it open after unzipping.
    Not sure why you zipped it. PDF is fairly compressed by itself.


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    I using a Mac computer not sure if this applies to Windows.

    The downloaded zip file shows up as "Workbench" - delete the .html and the file can be un-zipped.


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    Pics of the progress

    I've actually started construction of this bench. The easy part is done - I have the base built. I'm in the process of milling the 16/4 stock for the top. I decided to order a power feeder to help with this part since the pieces are so heavy. 8/4 could be substituted but would require more laminations.

    Here are a couple of pics of the base:
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    I built a couple of simple benches using some plans in a Woodsmith Magazine.
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    Is your top similar to butcherblock? I am in the market to build a bench. I first thought on the top was to laminat a bunch of 2X4's together. Anyone with a wide belt sander near cleaveland. Too bad I don't have a horazontal bandsaw.

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