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Thread: Split Table Top Repair

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    Split Table Top Repair

    My parents have a dining room table top that is failing at the glue joints. The table has two hinged wings and the end board on one of the wings just fell off. The main top also split along a glue joint.

    It is an older table and they gave me the top to repair. It should be two simple glue ups but I want to get it right.

    My plan is to edge joint to remove the old glue and to true up the surfaces. I would then use cauls to ensure that a flat glue up. I do not want to refinish the table so getting the alignment right is critical.

    Are there any other tricks you can suggest?
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    It sounds like your plan will work fine. You might consider using biscuits or a spline to help with alignment. Good luck with the project.

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    Several yrs ago I repaired several (most were oak)
    I sawed the glue line and reglued. On the centerpart of the tables after cutting out the bad joints, I glued in a stripe to make up for the saw cuts. I have seen a couple of these tables since and the repair is very hard to see. this was over 15 yrs ago

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