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Thread: M3 Square, 3-Dimensional Square.

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    M3 Square, 3-Dimensional Square.

    I saw it on the Price Cutter web site and thought that really looks like one of those "as seen on TV" type tools.

    I order some bits from them later and I saw it again... I spend some time on the M Power web site and decided to go ahead and order one. You know what they say, there is a sucker born every day.

    Well was I wrong, I have got to the point that I love the thing. When I got it I will have to say it was not square and I had to spend about 30 min. setting it up, but was able to do it form reading the manual that came with it.

    The 2 big things that I really like about it are.

    1. The way I can continue a line around the edge of a board, that is one problems I have always had was getting the ling around the corner spot on.
    Well with the 3-D square its spot on every time and is fast and easy.

    2. The way it will lays on a board. flat and it does not want to turn from the weight of the body. There is a little blade that pulls out on the end that does this. Makes it very nice to lay out a line.

    There is also a little bracket that hooks on the large blade that will hold a pencile, scrib or a blade to make marks or scrab a lines. This is nice and I have only used it once but it was nice.
    The swing out blade can be locked so you can use it to copy angles from your projects.

    I will say now it is a nice little tool to have in the shop and I use it a lot.



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    Thumbs up M-3

    Looks like the perfect Xmas gift for me. Thanx for the info.

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