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Thread: Alky bath procedure

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    Alky bath procedure

    Very simple question with reference to the drying of green bowl blanks with the so called "alky bath."

    When soaking the blank overnight in its "bath," should the plastic container be covered and sealed air tight with the lid, sealed but not fully air tight or left uncovered?

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    I haven't done it, but I would think that you would want to keep a lid on the bucket for two reasons: one, to preserve that very volatile alcohol--keep it from evaporating and stinking up the place, and two, keep that much more water out, as alcohol is hydroscopic (I think that's the word), meaning it "attracts" water, which is counter-productive, you want the alcohol to remain as pure as you can outside of what it pulls from the bowls.

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    Michael - I've soaked medium bowls in a 5 gallon bucket with a plastic bag thrown over the top, large bowls in a heavy duty plastic garbage bag closed with a tie-wrap and for the smaller items, a large plastic tupperware bowl with lid. Sealing wasn't a big deal - just wanted to keep as much alcohol from evaporating as possible.

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    I use a 2.5 gal plastic bucket with an air tight lid. Its 12 inches in diameter and will hold a majority of my bowls. The bigger ones I let air dry..and you know, it takes a little bit longer but is a whole lot cheaper..

    Air tight is cleaner and will prevent your 12$/gal alcohol from evaporating. Keep your bucket in a cool shady spot.

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    I keep mine in a 6 gallon paint bucket with the lid on. I have a neighbor who is a commerical painter. He's always happy to give me an empty bucket. It takes about 20 minutes to clean one up.

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    I wonder if methanol will work I have a friend that races and each years he burns off 5 to 19 gallon to start with fresh each year of racing

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    If your container isn't sealed well you will find how much of the DNA will quickly disappear from its container. The seal is to help protect the money you have invested in the Alky bath.
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    Here is the link to Dave Smith's directions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Keen View Post
    I use a 2.5 gal plastic bucket with an air tight lid. Its 12 inches in diameter...
    I've been looking for one of those, where did you get it? What was it made to hold?

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