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Thread: Lighting Layout calculator

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    Lighting Layout calculator

    I will be rewiring the lights in my shop and am looking for an online lighting layout calculator. Last summer, when I was not thinking about my lighting, I stumbled across a neat online program from a light fixture company. I input the length, width, and height of my shop; the type of fixtures I wanted; the level of light (in ft-candles) at bench height I wanted; color of walls and ceiling; and maybe a couple of other parameters: and it showed me the number of fixtures and where I should place them on a grid. It also computed the ft-candles in each section of the grid.

    Unfortunately, I didn't need it then and can't find it on Google now.

    Does anyone know of any good online layout tools for lighting layout?

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    Charlie - I used the GE on-line calculator ( for my shop currently under construction. It will give you number of fixtures, spacing, etc. but won't make a sketch for you.


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    I found one that I liked at Cooper Lighting ( This page contains the Metalux brand that is sold at Lowe's (SS-232), but the calculator can be used for any flourescents by inputting the proper parameters. Just click on one of the calculator links. The calculator will sketch out the layout as well and has a handy print feature to boot.


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    Check out Martindale calaculators


    Just of intrest to you and anyone else out there check out

    They have thousands of calculators of almost any type or subject you can think of.


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