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Thread: Question about Delta dust collector

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    Question about Delta dust collector

    Hello all,

    I've got a Delta 1.5HP dust collector. It is about a month old and has worked great until now. This morning I emptied the collection bag and shook out the filter bag. When I hooked everything up again it was only sucking at about half power. I've checked every connection, both seals where the bags connect and have tried three different collection bags. It works the same (about half power) to every machine or no machine (unhooked all the hoses and let it run by itself).

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or have had similar problems (especially with this machine; the 760). I'm starting to think it might be the motor.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.


    Geoff Keating

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    Clean it up real pretty, sell it (not on the Creek), and buy a cyclone.


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    How do you know it is only "sucking at about half power"?
    Also, you should not shake out the filter bag, the bag relies on having some dust in it to help filter. Excess will fall down by gravity.
    If you truly have lost suction, then the only place you have not mentioned is the fan, is there something blocking that?
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    I once cleaned my dust collector

    It then proceded to suck everything that was left in the line and clogged the input to the fan. Just a thougt.

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    make sure to clear all your hoses going to your tools. also, the Y joint that plugs into the DC. if astuff gets in there, you'll definitely lose power. Make sure you've checked all the hoses, fan area, and the immediate DC areas on the tools themselves.

    If after that, you still have the problem, call Delta.


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    Any broken teeth on the impeller?
    Mike Marcade
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