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Thread: Power Feeder Update and Gloat

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    Power Feeder Update and Gloat

    I appreciated all the help I received last week regarding my ¼ hp Maggi power feeder. I thought about it and came up with all kinds of ideas (including new mounting arms, extension plates, etc…), but in the end the little Maggi just didn’t have enough reach for my shaper and the mounting options I was interested in. I then thought an upgrade to a Steff 2033 ½ hp full size feeder might be the ticket. Fortunately the dealer accepted the return of the old feeder; however I could no longer take advantage of the show pricing. The 2033 is a much larger, more refined machine, with more speeds, fatter wheels, and also a heavier unit. It also incorporates several low maintenance features. Pricing would have been very good if I bought it at the show, but was still very competitive. I also needed to do a little wiring since it is 220 v machine.

    Now that I finally have everything setup, it is a wonderful combination. The feeder works beautifully, and the Delta shaper and deluxe fence make a very solid work surface with plenty of power. I still needed to compromise a bit as the reach is still a tad short to use parallel with the miter slot, however, there is plenty of room to swing the fence and crank the feeder out of the way when using my crosscut sled. So time will tell, but I think I am set.

    Using the shaper is now a dream, no more starring at the spinning cutter, thinking, “Damn, that looks dangerous!” Once set up you simply feed the shaper much like a planer. Just stand back and watch it go. Dust collection is decent, and quality of cut was very good, and after a couple passes, I got a sense of feed rate and how much material I could take off for finish that will not require sanding.

    Overall, I spent more then I had wanted to, but ended up with a much better unit. The shaper is now much safer and gives even better results. I know it’s often recommended to add a power feeder, and now I know why. I also picked up an extra base and may see how easy it is to use on the table saw and jointer. As someone recommended, I think I will mount the extra base to board to and just clamp it in place when I need it. As a hobbyist, the purchase was safety driven, but now that the feeder is mounted, I’m thinking of more uses for the shaper. I think if I was still using my router table (I still have it, just rarely use it) I would consider either a baby feeder or a ¼ hp unit. I think some of the same benefits would be realized.


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    That is a good way to go for a shaper! It is much safer!! Looks goood!
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    Thumbs up Thanks John

    Hi John,

    The set up looks great. Due to your feed back and others I won't waste my time and money on a small feeder.

    When all else fails increase hammer size!
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    Interesting. May I ask what you paid? It appears you got yours locally?

    I did some quick searching on the web and found one for $850.

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    Here is your answer and then some, it's actually a cut and paste of an email from a couple other questions, but should fill in some blanks:

    There are basically two power feeders companies that make the smaller feeders (1hp and under). The first Co-matic is in Taiwan and supplies many if not most of the importers including Delta, Grizzly, Sunhill, King and General International, to name a few. The other company is Maggi/Steff and they manufacture in Italy. Maggi use to make the Delta feeders and still make some for companies such as Felder. There are numerous reasons the Maggi are supposed to be better then the Co-matics. I'm fairly new so most of this is from my internet research and talking to sales guys. But the Maggis have better stronger gears, better rubber for wheels and traction, Italian built motors, and in some cases a superior maintenance free design such as the Steff (also Maggi) 2033.

    I initially purchased the Maggi 312-2, it's a 1/4 hp feeder, but the biggest problem for me was it didn't have the reach of the larger feeders. When I installed it in my extension wing (I hated the idea on drilling the main table), it wasn't even close to extending far enough. I though of moving it, making an adapter plate, or buying a new larger stand ($150). Each option seemed less then ideal, and when taking into account the cost it seemed like a better idea to upgrade.

    The Steff 2033 is a more advanced larger feeder, and a much nicer unit, well worth the additional cost over the 312-2. The 2033 has a large stand/base giving it the reach I need, a nicer motor, larger and wider wheels, more or less a sealed crankcase, more speeds, and in every way a more impressive machine. The 312-2 is nice the 2033 is really nice. It's basically a large feeder designed for applications where a big 1 hp unit isn't necessary.

    I initially bought the 312-2 for $490 - 10% (sale), locally (about a 2 hour drive). The 2033 would have been $659 - 10% if I bought it at the sale, but I had to pay full price since I did the exchange after the sale. It compares very well to other Co-Matics such as the Grizzly 1/2 hp unit at $599 + shipping, or the Sunhill 1/2 hp unit at $599 + shipping. Delta jumps from a 1/4 hp unit at $499 to a 1 hp unit at $799 with free shipping from Amazon.

    Here is the Maggi Site:

    Maggi Engineering

    and the site for the Maggi importer:


    Finally, here is the Co-Matic site to compare with:


    Both companies have lots of different feeders, so you should be able to find what you need.

    Finally, I think the 1/2 hp will be plenty for anything I plan to do. I guess it comes down to how you are going to use the machine. If I ran it all day everyday I would go with a 1 hp unit, but for heavy hobby use or part time professional I think the 1/2 hp 2033 will do great.

    Sorry to ramble so long,


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    maggi power feeder

    Any idea where you can buy one in Toronto Canada.
    Thanks Ron

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    Hey... that lathe in the background... looks just like the one my old man left me. Is that the variable speed model with the crank on the front of the cabinet?

    Also in the second pic... is that real sawdust on the shaper table?
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    A feeder plus a shaper is better than the sum of its parts, glad you found one that you like.

    Not really related, but did you guys know that the Minimax shaper, Maggi, uses the exact same stand as a Felder feeder? Anybody know if it is a Maggi stand on both?
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