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Thread: SMC Turner Interview - Malcolm Tibbetts

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    Malcom I have enjoyed pictures of your work, now I feel I know you better.
    Glenn Hodges
    Nashville, Georgia

    "Would you believe the only time I ever make mistakes is when someone is watching?"

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    This was very interesting to me, Malcolm. I was living in South Lake Tahoe in the summer of 1968, and working as a guide on the gondola. The Heavenly Valley ski lodge was just being built at the time, and the guy that owned the gondola lift also owned the ski area and lodge-to-be. He offered me the job of running the lodge when it was finished, and I was tempted but had other commitments that prevented accepting his offer. Implicit in his offer was the hand of his daughter, too, and she was not at all a beauty queen. That was just one of the forks in the road of my life, and perhaps I took the wrong one, as happens so often.
    It truly is a beautiful place to live, and your turnings are very inspirational.

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    Thank you for inspiring some of us to do more than they thought that they could do. It is really something to have your book, see you posting on Sawmill Creek, and even returning my e-mails! Thanks again for the interview.

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    Thanks Malcolm!

    Great insights. I am going to buy your book even though I do not plan on segmenting.
    A few hours south of Steve Schlumpf

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