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Thread: Need your Table Saw opinions

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    Need your Table Saw opinions

    Many of you many remember my recent post about a vintage craftman TS and my search for a new insert.
    Well, ive decided to just come into the 21st century and buy a new TS. My wife agreed that the oldie is just too dangerous and not worth the trouble. (woohoo )
    Anyway, I have about $600 i can spend on a new contactor style TS. I have been looking at these 3 brands that are in my price range... Jet, Rigid, and Hitachi.
    Anyone have any opinions on these saws? I mostly do smaller work like decorative boxes & childrens toys etc. But occasionally build a bookcase or blanket chest etc.
    Thanks guys.

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    Check out the Grizzly saws. I have used Delta and Powermatic for years and have recently bought 2 pc from Grizzly and have been very pleased

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    If used saws are on your radar, take a look in your local classified ads or on Cragslist. Often times you can pick up a "higher-end" saw and a competative price.

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    I have used the Rigid TS3650 design, and it's a very good saw for the price. The OEM fence is decent, is quiet for a contractor saw, uses a serpentine drive belt. Cast iron top and wings. A great saw for the price. Also keep your eyes peeled for a used cabinet saw that may prove to be a great investment.
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    I purchased a Craftsman 22114 about 8 months ago and I have been very happy with it. It will occasionally go on sale for around $550 or a little less. It is not the same old craftsman that you may remember. It is made by Orion (I think some engineers that were working for Delta started the company). It is a very solid hybrid type saw, cast iron wings with a decent fence. I believe it is worth considering.

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    I would vote for picking up a used higher end saw as well.

    In my opinion (worth every penny you paid for it), you will regret purchasing a new $600 saw since you are just below the start of the saws that you won't want to upgrade in a few years.

    If the $600 is firm, find a used cabinet saw in OK condition. In a couple of years, maybe upgrade the fence or the guard, however you get to keep your major investment.

    Regards, Rod.

  7. There's a Delta on Amazon with free shipping for $273
    Edit: With the promotions, looks like you get it for $260 shipped with a free mobile base.

    Comes with the cast iron wings but no fence, find someone selling a Lowes Biesemeyer/Unifence for a reasonable price ($100) and you'd still be well under your target cost. Spend the extra on a nice blade, link belt, machined pulleys, building an outfeed/cabinet.
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    It sounds like your use will be rather light most of the time. I'm also from the 'buy it for life' school but, I don't believe in buying a semi-tractor when all you really need is a Toyota pickup. You need to shop based on the bulk of your work, not the exception.

    The Ridgid 36XX has a solid following and a good history as a quality product for a good price. I went with a 22124 since I wanted a cabinet saw but could only run 110v where I was and saw no plans to move / improve. I have since brought in additional power (wouldn't you know) and have 220v for other tools. The hybrid is on a dedicated 110v circuit and does not yet hint at needing replacement.

    The hybrids are quieter, cleaner and take up less space. If $600 is your absolute limit and you can't catch a hybrid sale the Ridgid will come in well below that. Rockler has Delta sales now and then. As you state: "I mostly do smaller work like decorative boxes & childrens toys etc." I would buy the best quality tool that will meet that need.
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    Also check out the new Jet saw model 708100 now at Woodcraft. Sells for $499. It is like a contractor type saw only with the motor located inside instead of hanging out the back. I won't call it a hybrid as it is superior design to most hybrids that are only contractor saws with motor stuffed inside.

    This saw uses a one piece casting that runs between the trunions to support the Arbor and the blade is enclosed for good dust collection. You can get better saws but I will wager this saw will more than surpass most home/hobbiest needs/cababilities.

    It is your money spend it on whatever you like but if you want a good saw at a right price this is it.

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    Fortunately, today you have far more choices of quality, reasonably-priced saws that you would have had just a few years ago.

    I am very impressed with my son's General International contractor's saw. It has a 2 hp motor (hangs off the back) and a wonderful Canadian-made (Biessmeyer) fence.

    When you are shopping for saws, ask yourself if you likely would replace the fence down the line. If so, it's a cost to factor into your decision.


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    Best deal around is used. If you keep an eye out on CraigsList or Ebay you should find something. Here's an example, unfortunately not in your area, and no not mine:

    I would say that if you can wait 2 months you will find something in your price range that new, would cost you at least double.

    I picked up a Delta cabinet saw off the bay for 600. I've been very happy with it.
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    Bought the Grizz G0444Z from a fellow Creeker. Well pleased with the price and the saw.

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    Another vote for a used higher-end TS.
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    I would look for a hobbiest used cabinet saw. They're better and take up less floor space than a contractor saw with the motor out of the back.

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    You mentioned safety in your post. For about $600, you can get the new Bosch 4100 worksite table saw. It has a new blade guard, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls that are supposed to be much better than previous models.


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