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Thread: A couple of signs we have done

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    A couple of signs we have done

    I have been on the laser side of this forum for some time now and never saw the sign forum. I thought I would share a couple of recent projects we have done after reading some post about laser and signs. We use our laser for making signs all the time. We also run solvent printers, vinyl cutters, and sandblast as well. I would love to hear some feedback from others doing similar projects. The Ascension sign is all PVC, vinyl post. Lettering is 1/4" laser cut acrylic. Top of the sign is lexan with printed clear graphic double sided to create a stained glass appearance without the cost. People have been calling about doing stained glass since they have seen this. The second sign is 1/4" acrylic, sanded back to frost, vinyl, 1/4" acrylic and clear printed vinyl make up the front of the sign.
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    Beautiful work, Doug. I'm glad to see you using a combination of equipment to make more creative signs.

    Sammamish, WA

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    Very nice work.

    Thanks for posting it.
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    How about a few more pictures so we can see a bit more detail. Great looking signs and nice selection of materials.


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    Some additional photos

    Here are a couple of different angles.

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    Ok, it is starting to make sense to me now but what is clear printed vinyl? Is it a clear vinyl that you use the solvent printer to print directly on the surface?


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    Yes Keith, it's just clear vinyl that allows you to print on it, if it's what I believe it to be.

    Same thing as a normal printed decal, except instead of printing on a color substrate, it's printed on clear substrate.

    Very nice looking signs, thanks for sharing.
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    Clear Vinyl

    Yes, It is clear vinyl that is solvent printed and gloss laminated. We used it on both signs. The stained glass top and the satellite provider numbers were printed this way.

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