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    Design software

    I am looking for kitchen design software. I would like the software to have fairly descent 3-D capabilities for presenting to clients, a short learning curve, and be able to spit out cutlists for the faceframe and door componants. I would appreciate any advice.

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    Don't know about software specifically for kitchen design; but Sketchup will handle most anything. There's a very capable free version that Google offers.


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    Cabinet Software


    I use

    I just finished a full kitchen job for a customer using this. It is really good and less than $100

    They just introduced 3D into the program and are constantly upgrading and working on it. They have about 600 cabinet makers using it.

    There is E-Cabinet software which is also Free but it is a steep learning curve but very nice. I am learning it as we speak and prob spend $$ to take one of their classes. But for now, cabinetplanner is all I need.

    The tech support is perfect, you'll get a answer right away. I mean tech support when you ask "how does this work or how can I make this fit", I had no software problems at all.

    I would buy it soon cause the 3D version was supposed to increase their cost. Oh, you get lifetime free upgrades and there has been quite a few in my short time using it.

    I looked around, prob like you. What you want is a $3K program and it's nice, I just don't do enough kitchens to support the investment. Ecabs is prob a $5K program but you have to prove your a biz and jump in open minded. It is a very powerful program.


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    peter, nice lead.... I'm gonna try it!

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    Kitchen design software

    Have a look at Kitchendraw. The software is excellent and you can download 30 hours of free usage. That would be more than enough to plan and produce a kitchen.
    David Scott

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    eCabinet Systems software might be worth a try - and FREE

    Some examples, using the eCabinet Systems design software:

    The rendering just above resulted in the following cabinet:

    Months ago, after playing with the program for about 10 hours, and using the "seed" cabinets supplied with the program, I learned to use lighting a little bit, to render the following image:

    The main drawback: A somewhat steep learning curve, but the User Forum is terrific. This program will create optimized cut lists and, if you so desire, you could send the entire kitchen to a "Production Sharing shop", to have everything cut on a Thermwood CNC router.

    Sandal Woods - Fine Woodworking

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    Here's another vote

    for "Cabinet Planner". You will be using it the same day you download it. The learning curve is minimal in that the interface is intuitive. The output includes optimized cut plans for all your materials as well as redimentary shop drawings for each cabinet. The standards section allows you to customize the construction format to match your current MO. has already been said, their response time to any inquiry is phenomonal. Your answers will come right from the guy who wrote the code. For under $100 (currently) this is a terrific value. The free download available from their website is fully functional so you can get a real world test drive anytime you like.


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    Thank you

    Thanks for all of the help. I will be looking at all of these programs. I am very glad I stumbled accross this site.

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    A short learning curve? KCDw might be your best choice for this, but it's in the $4000-5000 range. I use eCabinet Systems software and can create almost anything I like with it. It's good for kitchens and baths, but you can also use it for more challenging things like wine storage cabinets and entertainment centers.

    The more power the software has the steeper the learning curve seems to be.

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    Ecab guys,

    I see those awesome pictures of jobs and I need to do this...

    Just don't seem to get it... if that makes sense.


    Not want to change the thread subject...


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    It's free but...

    Remember - Ecabs is for businesses. So you'll need to prove that.

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