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Thread: Old Band Saw help please

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    Old Band Saw help please

    Does anyone know anything about Heston & Anderson Model 14. There is one on The Auction site that is close to me and not that expensive. I checked out OWWM but they didn't have much info. I attached a pic from the auction, I hope that is ok, if not please remove.
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    Never heard of it but looks like something I would consider if the price was right.

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    Roger, no one has bid at the starting bid of $75. I did find a little more info, it has a resaw capacity of 12" and originally had a 101" blade. Don't know if you can even buy those anymore. I also don't know if SWMBO would consider it needed/necessary.

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    Well, I like the look of it but I imagine it wouldn't be as easy to live with. I would think all those holes in the covers would let the sawdust fly when it was running. The blades shouldn't be much of a problem. Even if they don't sell them at stores, it is easy to get custom length blades for a minor charge and some of the better places don't even charge extra.

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