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Thread: Holiday Ornament Exchange????????

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    Thanks for the info Dean. Checked the net like you said and found lots of "good stuff".

    Diving into the water head first!


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    Quote Originally Posted by TYLER WOOD View Post
    Does it have to be an ornament or can it be a Christmas decoration? I have a couple ideas for decorations that are not going to fit on a tree? Would these be acceptable, or do they need to be tree ornaments?
    Hey Tyler, the only rule for this exchange is that there are no rules. The Holiday Season means so many things to different folks that we'll leave this wide open for anything in the spirit of the holidays, no matter how or what you celebrate. Turn your imagination loose!

    I'm going to set November 10, 2007 as the last date you can sign up. Then I'll post the list to make sure there aren't any that have changed their minds. We'll get the exchange partners matched up by November 17, and then everyone will have a time to get them finished and mailed in time for the holidays.
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    I would be interested ...... cann't wait.......

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    Heres another good design that has just been posted.


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    Sweet, no tree ornament for me!!!! Or for the person who gets mine! This one will sit on a table or something!!!!
    Be a mentor, it's so much more fun throwing someone else into the vortex, than swirling it alone!

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    Nice find, John!!
    Dean Thomas

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    If its not too late , i would like to be in on the exchange

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    Sure, something new, sign me up.
    Maybe I can make Andy look good
    Dave Fried

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    I've been practicing with my skew and am ordering some wood to make ornaments with. I replied in post #7 of this thread but on your list I see Doug Jones who on this forum is another person. Just wanted to make sure I am in on the fun.

    Doug M Jones
    Determined to master the skew.....patience is a virtue

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Fried View Post
    Sure, something new, sign me up.
    Maybe I can make Andy look good
    Not a chance, bub.

    Nice to see you on here again, Dave.
    Only the Blue Roads

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    Count me in. Dave

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