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Thread: Curtis O. Seebeck is one heck of a guy!!

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    Curtis O. Seebeck is one heck of a guy!!

    About 3 weeks ago, I PM'd Curtis about stumbling onto this thread and how it made me think about how shelfish I was being since I chewed tobacco pretty much all day everyday for almost 15 years. Everyone's comments in the thread made me think of my wife and daughter and the rest of my family and friends. I quit chewing the day I read it! Curtis was kind enough to send me PM's every few days just to check in and see how I was handling the withdrawls from nicotine.

    Long story short, I told him I was doing well, but my tongue hurt from the salt from all the sunflower seeds I was chewing now. He told me about a company that made less salty seeds, and asked for my email to send me something. The next day I got an email from this seed company saying that Curtis had sent me a gift certificate to get some seeds. I just recieved a case of seeds yesterday and they are great!

    I've told him already, but I wanted to thank Curtis again and all of you that responded to his original thread for helping me end my addiction. I haven't had one chew since I quit and I actually do feel better physically!

    Now, who knows how to curb an addiction to sunflower seeds

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    Communities are like this...very giving. Curtis is a nice guy and this proves it further! And congratulations to you for getting off the tobacco...

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    A pack and a quarter of cigarettes a day for 34 years. About two months of just one to two cigarettes a day. Now over three weeks smoke free. This is doable.


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    Richard, congrats to you!! I hope you had support from freinds and family like I did. Keep it up.

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    Mostly I kept what I was doing quiet so as to not think about it so much but my wife was a real support and let me do this my way. The whole process was months long which does not work for everyone. I just needed to let go of this in stages. Of course now if I were to go back the cigarettes wouldn't kill wife would!

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    12,853 you got me to thinking about quitting dipping..!!!! I've been chewing for over 33 years now. Never smoked in my life and can't stand the smell of smoke either.

    Congrats on stopping bud. My hat is off to ya.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Congrats to Jeff and Richard. I know this is a tough thing to do. I stopped dipping just last Saturday after 20+ years of use. Tried to quit a few times, halfheatedly, and couldn't/wouln't do it. But something hit me last Saturday literally as I was walking into the local Lowes. I put a dip in and something just didn't feel right. I stopped right there, took a deep breath, walked over to the trash can, threw out the rest of my dip can, spit out what I had in my mouth, and truly haven't missed it since. I know it's only a week, but it all started in about a second.


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    Dennis, I will tell you it's not easy, but give it a shot. You'll be glad you did, IMHO. Think of the tools you could buy with the savings!

    Tony, CONGRATS!!

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