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Thread: Shop built Multi-Router

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    Shop built Multi-Router

    Hello group. Im looking for any and all information on building a version of the Multi-Router by JDS Inc. Im particuarly curious about the bearings used and/or the method of sliding the tables on the X-Y axis. If anyone here has built a version or knows where I could find information on this, I would really appreciate the help. I already read the article at WoodCentral. Interesting but not very helpful as its mostly just some pics of the finished product. The author does state that he will send you some AutoCad drawings but I dont have anyway to view them. So, maybe I'll get lucky here with this group.

    Thanks everyone,


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    Jim. Go to Dan Barber's web page and look for the "Mortise Flex" I believe he used the JDS machine as a guideline for building his home made mortise macjine. Use the "Members" tab at the top of the page to navigate to his web page. He is a Sawmill Creek member

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    Thanks Mike, sadly thats the same article WoodCentral has. I did go ahead and study the whole thing again and came up with some new ideas. The really bad part is trying to find linear slides and bearings. Man those things are stupid expensive! Dan said he scrounged some discarded machinery at his workplace and found his. I appreciate the help though Mike and if I learn more about this I'll be sure and post my findings here for everyone else to see.


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    Unhappy The slides are expensive

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Kountz
    The really bad part is trying to find linear slides and bearings. Man those things are stupid expensive! Dan said he scrounged some discarded machinery at his workplace and found his.

    Check your email for the link to my web page, there are PDF copies of the drawings available for download which should solve your AutoCad problem.

    As for the slides, there are many options available - with varying levels of expense. Check on Ebay for slides like I used and then adapting the size of the machine to fit the slides is one option.

    Another choice is a company called Rollon , they manufacture what is essentially an industrial duty drawer slide. I have used these in some machine applications and they will work quite well for this type of application. I think they sell mainly through distributors. They are not exactly cheap, but less expensive then say a THK slide.

    Yet another approach would be to use a high quality drawer slide for the X and Y axis - probably the least expensive option.

    If I can be of any help in your quest, please let me know.

    Best Regards,


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    My version

    Hi Jim

    Here is my version of Dan's Multi-Router. Like Dan I used parts that I got from scrap machines at work. I don't have plans but do have some leftover parts from making mine. PM or Email me and maybe we could trade something.
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    Sparky Paessler

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    Thanks Dan and Sparky, I feel that with your pictures, files and advice Im armed with enough information to be dangerous now! At least Ihave a good working theory of the thing and can research parts and such alot better. Where do you TN boys work that you can get all those nifty parts anyway!!

    Thanks again Guys,


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    There is a fellow on ebay, from Rochester NY, who sold his company, and kept the parts supply, and sells linear bearings of many sizes from 1/2" to 2", together with the stainless bars they ride on. I have spoken with him, but haven't had time to get serious about one of these guys. He is quite knowledgable and helpful. He also has air activated clamps of various throws, and the parts that make them work. I emailed him, and got his number.

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