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Thread: Things you have cut up with a "Sawzall"

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    Cool Things you have cut up with a "Sawzall"

    This thread is intenned for humor. What are some of the more interesting things you have cut, or hacked up with a reciprocating saw, aka Sawzall?

    Aside from day to day work I have used mine to cut up a large sleeper sofa in half. Cut an occasional mid sized tree, and to bail a out a locksmith.

    My neighbors had locked themselves out, called a lock smith, and he couldn't pick the deadbolt on the front door, so he tried the back door and couldn't pick that. So he ended up drilling it out, but there was a hitch. Well, there was a security bolt at the bottom of the door, so at 11:00 in the night I walked over with my cordless saw and cut it in about 5 seconds, and the door popped right open.

    The Locksmith was obviously pretty embarrassed, but it was his own fault for not having a cordless saw. I suppose he could have slipped a hacksaw blade under but I doubt he had one. I certainly hope he went out the next day and bought a cordless sawzall

    The fact he drilled it out, I could have done that for them, but he did install an new lock and key it for them that night which I coudn't have done.
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    My dogs alerted to someone in the yard (that's their job) and I went out to find some meth head looking through my recycle cans for....whatever. I chased him over the fence getting one swing in with my bat. My dogs took off back around the house to the front and stood there barking through the gate towards the front. The guy was running down the street towards my apartments and I headed him off and he ran down an alley. As I turned back to my yard, I saw that he was running to retrieve his bike that he had leaned up against my truck.

    I had just gotten my new 13 amp Sawzall as a replacement and I got it out and put it to work. I cut up the bike into 10" to 16" pieces, tires and the frame, and put some of the bigger pieces, the ones that you could tell used to be from a bike, out in front of the rentals that I have so that everyone could see them. I left them for the day to make sure that the guy new that his bike was now not a bike anymore when he came back looking for it.

    I've not had anymore intruders in my yard since.

    Oh yeah, I used to use my sawzall to cut off body panels at our bodyshops too.
    Mark Rios

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    I re-plumbed my house in California with copper pipe, I used my Sawzall with a metal cutting blade to remove the galvanized pipe. It took about 15 minutes to make around 20 cuts and remove 80 feet of pipe. It was like cutting butter with a hot knife.
    Next to a sledgehammer the Sawzall is one of the best home owners demolition tool.
    David B

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    Cool sawzaw to strip finish

    I was stripping paint from a 6 panel door and taped a brass wire brush to a sawzaw blade to help brush the paint from the door. Worked out well.

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    Here a couple of years ago I cut up an elk with mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rios View Post
    I've not had anymore intruders in my yard since.

    Oh yeah, I used to use my sawzall to cut off body panels at our bodyshops too.
    Mark, Methheads suck.

    And, you should have worded that last part as "I've used my Sawzall to cut off a few body parts for people"!

    I prefer a reciprocating saw, to a chainsaw. I've cut plumbing, exhaust, tree limbs (galore), porch demolition, cutting up scrap (gutters), fence posts, the sleeper sofa my grandfather brought into the room, BEFORE HE put in the door frames and doors , walls down, and even used one to cut a panel down when nothing else was around, and we were trying to patch a hole in a sleeper trailer a friend got from an estate (50% floor rot).

    Definatley has been one of my loaner tools that only gets borrowed once, as everyone who has used one of mine, wants one.

  7. I thought I was the only one who pressed his Sawzall into service as a tree trimmer! Besides that, its been mostly demo construction around the house, most recently the soffit in the bathroom and a support under the sink that interfered with the installation of a new faucet.

    I will admit its one of the most gratifying tools to use ... those coarse demolition blades cut through drywall, corner bead, plywood and wire like butter ... hey, why did my Sawzall stop working?

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    After fumbling with some bowl-to-toilet connector bolts that were 20 years corroded and coated with blue drop in mess for nearly 2 hours, I found myself with two bent bolts that were going nowhere. Sawzall solved my problem in less than 1 minute.

    The great part was walking downstairs with blue smears all over my hands. My wife accused me of being a smurf killer.

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    Another tree trimmer here. Its a lot safer than a chainsaw on a ladder. I got mine when I was building a Mustang drag car. I put off getting it because I wasn't sure I'd use it much. Its become a running joke with my dad because of how often I do use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Hagan View Post
    I will admit its one of the most gratifying tools to use ... those coarse demolition blades cut through drywall, corner bead, plywood and wire like butter ...
    And water pipes.................

    Oh well, got to learn plumbing that way!
    Bluegrass - Finger Pickin Good!

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    The Sawzall. The closest thing to a light saber I'll ever have.
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    A 2" cast iron vent pipe in close quarters during my kitchen renovation was the toughest. I did try to cut some metal duct with it a few years ago, but that was a "failed experiment" cut but the dance was no fun...

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    I've cut old truck tires off the wheel, when the wheel was rusted so bad on the inside the tire did not want to come off.

    Wheels were going to the metal recycler anyway.

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    Lots of tree limbs. Also good for cutting roots and stumps out of the ground.

    I once sawed the door off a dishwasher for disposal. Much faster than trying to remove all the hidden screws.

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    I cut a whole house free of it's sill plate once (with a Milwaukee Super Sawzall). Jacked the house and re-laid the sill plate and well you know the rest.

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