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Thread: Need info on a Stanley Defiance plane

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    Need info on a Stanley Defiance plane

    Hey there neanders! I don't venture down here often but have a question for ya...I just picked up a Stanley Defiance plane and really know next to nothing about it. From what I can glean from the web, it's a #5 plane. Dunno how old, value, nuttin'... Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    In general Leach's Blood and Gore site is great for Stanley plane information:

    As I understand the Defiance planes were focused at the home owner and were not their better planes.

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    Scott, Your plane is a No.4 sized smoother. Defiance was Stanley's economy line aimed at the everyday DIYer. That being said I have used one and they really arent that bad of a plane. Not as good as Stanley's Bailey line though due to rougher castings/machining and the absence of a frog adjuster.

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    Well, on a whim I bought an e-bay plane and got one too. It went for .99cents, I don't have the heart to belittle this tool that much, and the casting and mechanisms are solid, as is the sole and squared sides etc, I am hoping a Hock blade will fit or require little modification and we'll see what the .99 cent special will do, cripes it cost 10.70 to ship.
    good luck with yours.

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    I have a wartime #6 Stanley Bailey that has a plastic adjusting wheel.

    I don't know if the plastic wheel indicates your Defiance is a wartime plane or not.

    My #6 is a decent plane, but I don't use it much. I use a Jack or a # 7 instead.

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    +1 on what the others have said. I have used a Defiance plane on a regular basis; I recommend keeping the iron very sharp, taking very light cuts and sticking to easy woods (no wild grain). This type of plane is prone to chattering if pushed too hard. The plastic knob does indicate manufacture during World War II.

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    [QUOTE=Kemil Pepin;1468779 The plastic knob does indicate manufacture during World War II .[/QUOTE]

    The other characteristic of the wartime planes is more mass than pre-war planes. You might have a pretty good plane there.

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