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    Help please

    I'm need to replace the bearings on my homemade lathe and have found that there are two kinds. Sealed/prelubed and those that can be regreased with a grease nipple. The original/current ones are pillow block bearings with grease nipples. Can I replace them with sealed/prelubed bearings and is there a big difference in the two kinds of bearings?

    BTW I've never done anything like this so any help would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance, Jeff

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    You can replace them with whatever you want as long as the inside diameter matches your spindle. I think it is a matter of preference, but with me I would prefer the sealed as dust and all the wood bits getting into the bearing makes it wear out a little quicker. Also this is a chance to upgrade!!! Maybe heavier duty bearings? Double sided, or whatever it is?
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    hey jeff

    i second what TYLER said your better off with sealed bearings and i think if you search for them you can get needle bearing which would last even longer with less wear on your arbor but you will have to match I.D and O.D for you bearings

    one place i would check is here
    you might find that there cheaper just to replace the flange bearing

    or here for your pillow blocks bearings


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