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Thread: Entertainment center plans

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    Entertainment center plans

    I am looking for some help finding a plan for an entertainment center plan for a 42" flat screen TV. The TV is actually 41" wide. I'm looking for a simple design, just a cabinet to set the TV on with glass doors and shelves for a receiver, DVD, etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    (I would like to add, I often visit here(daily) and have learned a lot from everyone here and would just like to say thank you all for sharing your wisdom )

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    Mike if you can locate a copy of Woodsmith Feb 2007 issue 169 they have a nice looking plan. It looks like the plan can be modified somewhat to suit your needs.

    Hope this is some help.
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    Mike, Here's one that I made last year and I believe I found it in Wood Magazine,

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    Hello Mike,

    If you go to my personnal WEB page you will be able to see two plans made with Sketchup if you do have Sketchup version 6 free, or if you visit gallerie1 on my web page you can see a picture of it. One is a corner TV stand and the other one has two pivoting compartments for storing DVD or CD.

    Feel free to load any plans that you find there

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