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Thread: Lathe tool rack ideas?

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    Lathe tool rack ideas?

    I am getting my lathe set up and starting to learn how to use it. I would like to make some kind of rack to hold the tools so they are handy for use. I have seen some people have a rack on the wall behind the lathe. I was considering maybe a free standing rack I could set on the floor next to me, tools racked on top, and also storage below for chucks, centers, and such.
    What have other people done? (pictures would be great!)

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    Two words, table saw (with a sheet of ply on top of it).

    I stole an idea I saw on here (I think). I use a wire shelf, mounted upside down and backwards. The turned down lip is at the bottom facing outward and the handle sits on that. I made the top with a bunch of dowels glued between two boards to keep tools from tipping or rolling when I bump it.
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    Quick and easy

    I found a nice sized tool box at the BORG which was very inexpensive. Then I made a two drawer cabinet from MDF and added casters. Here is the result. I have two dozen turning tools stored in this box, along with faceplates, chucks, jaws, etc. The two drawers in the bottom cabinet hold hollowing, coring, and buffing systems.
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    when I'm using my tools they lay out on a workmate. For storing chucks, mounting a grinder, and other things I use a Craftsman rolling tool cabinet (5 drawer or whatever).

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    This is what I use...its a turntable setup with small cabinet below for larger accessories...since I have accumulated more tools it actually should be a little bigger...also it is on wheels so I can move it around

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    Two things:

    I mounted a tool rack on my wall. 1x4 board with a line down the center. Drilled out holes in it with a forstner bit, and then split down the middle with a table saw. Mount those in a box frame and you have your basic rack.

    For your faceplates and chucks, take a 4x4 block about 2 feet long, split it in half at a 45 degree angle (diagonally) down its length. Mount it to the wall and put pegs on the block. You can now mount your chuck(s) and faceplate(s). Because the peg doesn't stick out 90 degrees for the wall, it is more stable and less likely to drop on your foot. you can also drill holes in the block to hold hex keys, chuck keys, MT#2 live centers & jacobs chuck.

    I didn't get fancy with either of these things. There is no dust protection or theft protection. I'll try and post pictures if I can remember tonight.
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    Here's my collapsible setup.
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    Thanks for the ideas & pictures. I think I like What Ron did the best, but Bill's sliding rack looks pretty cool too! I was thinking of a free standing unit next to the lathe, instead of behind it on the wall... but who knows???

    Keep the ideas comming!

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    My tool rack is made from an old Ambulance Gurney. Collapsed it, shortened both ends to the wheels and built an A-Frame from 2x4s and put pegboard on it. Rolls easily to whichever side of the lathe I want it on. Mounted some Walmart fishing rod holders to hold some of the tools, the rest just hang. A little crowded but functional.
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    Very old thread, but am posting my preferred design.

    I like this for its simplicity. 1" holes through a 2x4 block. Then I cut key hole slots in the front. This allows entry for skew and scrapers.

    It holds 90% of all my turning tools perfectly vertical, as well as all M2 spindle accessories, chuck keys, and tool rests.

    I notch the sides for a couple screws, and then add (sometimes) a batten underneath. Plenty strong.

    If you want the handles to seat each sweeter, chamfer the tops of the holes 1/8".
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  11. I keep my tools in a tool cart between lathe sessions, but I have a portable tool 4 drawer cart with a hinged lid that opens. I keep the dividers, screws, glues, chucks etc in the drawers. The chisels are in the top covered tray. On the lid, I mounted two magnetic tool holder strips horizontally one about 5 inches above the other. I put the lathe chisels I will be using against the magnets vertically and they stay right there, Generally I have them to my immediate right, but I can move the cart a little closer when doing small work. When done the chisels go back to laying in the top tray. Works for me
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    Since you are just starting out - - consider making the tool rack about 3X the size that you need.

    When I started, I had a set of 6 craftsman turning tools and a couple of home made ones. So I made a rack to hold 10 or 12 tools. Then perhaps a year or so later, I added on another 4 or 6 positions. Then I got a bigger lathe, more tools and built a new tool holder that holds perhaps 20 to 24 tools. It is now full. If you don't want to go for the big model now, consider designing it such that you can add to it later as you get more tools and are sucked further into the vortex.

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    Maybe 5X instead of 3X

    Seems like you never have enough places to put things. I built a box for sand ballast and made 3 pullouts above that under the lathe. This is where I keep centers and tool rest, etc.
    IMG_1140.JPG IMG_1141.JPG

    My bathroom wall is about 6 feet behind my lathe. It is 8 feet long. I used scrap lumber and PVC to hold my chisels. I put a small strip of peg board below for more stuff.

    I initally had my chucks in the pullouts, but they were too heavy for my cheap slides. I had an extra cart and used that for my chucks.


    I have a coupke of more small pegboards on the wall on the wall for my measuring tools.
    Not pictured is my vacuum pump, small compressor, sanding supplies, Hollowing system. Small lathe, etc.
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    My rack is similar to Ron's. It holds lots of tools of different lengths, and some centers and mt2 tools. It was not designed for chucks because I put mine in a drawer below the lathe. I'm sure you can come up with something for chucks without a lot of effort. It sits between 2 lathes because I share tools with my wife when she is turning. It can be taken apart for storage, which unfortunately is the state it is in now because my shop equipment and tools are all in storage. As soon as the remodel of the new house is complete, I'll have a new shop, but that seems a long ways out on the horizon. Here are some pics.
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