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Thread: Another new bowl

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    Another new bowl

    Just finished this one tonight. It's hackberry that my dad gave me a few weeks ago when he was up from KS. Minwax Toungue Oil Finish again and its 6"WX5"H. It's sorta a HF as I hollowed/undercut the interior. Once again critiques are encouraged.
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    thats different but i like it great job

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    Thanks Kevin, it is a different shape, but that is what the wood "told" me to do with lots of punky wood and also a

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    As mentioned, the form's a bit different, but until you try some things, you don't know what looks good to you or not. Undercutting rims, catches, and learning that punky wood gets more uneven the more you sand it are all good things to get under your belt. Looks like a good learning experience in a lot of ways. Nice job.

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    That is wild but I like it nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have wood, will turn!!

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    That's a nice one Jeff, unusual form but nice indeed.

    Turning comes easy to some folks .... wish I was one of them

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    Nice work Jeff! Have to admit that I have not seen that particular form before... which is a good thing! Looking forward to seeing your next bowl - keep up the good work!

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