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Thread: SMC Turner Interview - Gary Herrmann

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    Great interview, Gary! We gotta work on ya a bit though.....that fl*twork will screw up your head!

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    Great interview Gary, nice to get to know you better. Glad the whole jointer situation worked out for you. And hey, flat-round-it's all wood and it's all good!

    Take care,
    Happy and Safe Turning, Don

    Woodturners make the world go ROUND!

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    Good Job Gary!

    I hope that close to home arrangement works out for you!
    A few hours south of Steve Schlumpf

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    Great interview. I opened your first thread about the bandsaw and can feel your pain. I'm 6'5" and also stuggle with the tools being too low. Heck, my work bench is almost taller than my wife. It looks goofy as all heck, but its very comfortable for me.

    Hopefully one of these days we will meet. I'm pretty sure I ran into you once or twice on Saturdays at Lumberlogs (I believe you were buying some cherry stock for a bunk bed - how many 6'7" woodworkers are there in St. Louis...).

    Thanks for the interview.

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