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Thread: First winged bowl?

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    First winged bowl?

    Can this be considered a winged bowl? It was a little scary getting the wings turned down, so I didn't get the wings very flat. This was made from the rest of the log from the bowl I posted last week here:

    It's about 3inches high and 8" from tip to tip. Still don't know what type of wood it is. Critiques wanted.
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    Looks great Jeff.

    I really like the spiral effect from the top view.


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    Usually I would say that the huge difference in the size of the wing from the edge to near the bowl portion is a problem. Also the edge of the bowl portion seems really rounded over.

    However with the gnarled aged look of the wood I kind of like it on this piece. It gives it the appearance that this could have been on a frontier home's coffee table (did they have coffee tables?). A very rustic and interesting looking piece.
    Mike Vickery

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    Rustic....I like that

    I now have a new way of making my turnings look better. They are rustic, it has nothing to do with lack of turning ability!! Thanks for that Mike!

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    Very nice, you are fortunate it did not come apart on you.the rustic look is great I tried that with some drift wood but the internal cracks let it come apart before getting the shape done . nice work
    John 3:16

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