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    New Bowl

    Here is a new bowl I recently turned from a small piece of crotch wood. Had some nice figure, bug holes and bark inclusions. I'm not sure what kind of wood it is, found it along side of a road. The bottom is kind of thick, but I don't have a chuck yet, so its faceplate turning only. It's about 7" W X 3.5" H. Finish with Tounge Oil Finish. Critques welcome.
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    Looks almost like a nice bread bowl that was cooked in a wood fired oven. Almost can taste it from here. I like it. The wood is very nice.
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    Pretty wood, won't hold water, what I call "ART"! A chuck does help but it looks like you are doing great with what you got. Skip

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    looks like honey locust to me
    do you have anymore pcs left that you can take a pic of the bark?

    did it have any thorns on it?


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    Great looking bowl that has a rustic look about it. Nice work.

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    It looks like hickory or oak to me judging from the "rays" coming of the crotch wood area.

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    Thanks for all the comments.
    Kevin it didn't have any thorns on it...I finished my first winged bowl last night, no pics yet, that was made from the rest of the wood. It shows more of the grain without the holes and bark, maybe it will help identify the wood. Thanks again!

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    Hey Jeff...

    ...your bowl is missing some wood on one side . Looks like some kind of Oak to me. Looking forward to seeing the other piece.
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    I was goin' to say hickory.. but I don't know.. I would imagine it's quite hard to get a piece of wood like that thin. Keep goin, your turning bowls now.
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    all the hickory ive ever cut in my 20 years was white as ash

    it could be oak there is 54 diffrent species in the US

    some honey locust doesn't have thorns usually the male trees

    as honey locust dries and gets aged abit it darkens and also has rays like oak

    but i need to see the bark to id it


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