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Thread: Freedom Pens, What Do You Think?

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    Mistake on school email

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    Some more thoughts - kind a long

    In order to help this program succeed and to get people energized we need to set a realistic goal for the program. I think with all the woodworkers around this nation we can enlist enough participation and support to produce 20,000 pens by year end. That sounds like a huge number but when broken down it would only come to each Sawmill Creek member either making or have made less than 1 pen per month to meet this goal.

    We should, if we handle this right and spread the word around the woodworking commuity, be able to surpass that goal.

    We have a lot of work to do to iron out all the little details which we need to consider. Lots of ideas will emerge which we will need to consider. One of those would be to come up with ways for non-turning woodworkers and the general public to participate.

    A program like having people contribute a fixed amount of money to provide kits, materials to those turners who wish to donate their labor to make pens but do not have the financial resources to buy a large number of kits and also produce them. We could start a program where the average person on the street, a neighbor or a friend could contribute "X" number of $ (amount yet to be determined)to have a pen made and their name as the donor attached to a pen sent overseas. That money could be given to the turners to produce the pens and offset the expenses (kits, supplies, etc) involved. We don't expect the turners to foot the entire bill for this venture.

    Other things come to mind like packaging these pens in some standard manner to facilitate shipping and distribution. That might require either donations to pay for some type of paper or plastic sleeves to house the pen and the note from the donor, or we may be able to convince a supplier to donate them.

    If this program grows as I am sure it will, I can arrange some special prices on pen kits in bulk. As an example I am sure I can get slimline pen kits in the range of approximately $1.50 ea. These would have to go to 1 central location, repackaged since they are bulk parts and not kits per se, where they could then be shiipped to the turners actually making pens.

    As this program grows, as I am sure it will based on all the positive feedback from people I have talked to today about it we should have a lot more people involved aside from the SMC membership.

    Talk to your friends, other woodworkers, spread the word on other forums you are associated with (woodworking or otherwise), and above all offer your time and whatever resources you have available.

    I have personally committed to donating a minimum of 50 pens this year myself and probably will make more for other people to donate.

    There is a lot of work yet to be done. If we all pull together we can make a huge positive effect on the morale of our troops overseas. If we work together we can meet or exceed that 20,000 pen goal. As General Patton once said "any obstacle built by man can be overcome".

    Please let us know of any ideas you may have for this program. You can either post those ideas here or you can e-mail them.

    Just a few thoughts - I will have more in the upcoming days.
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    You may have this on your list already...

    As we get a little more organized on this effort, how about notification being sent to all the major woodworking mags via email to let them know what we are doing. There are still plenty of woodworkers out there who do not have regular access to internet.

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    Dang, I'm out of ammo already! I just finished off the last eight kits I had on hand (2 FT American and 2 Streamlined 7mm from Berea plus 4 Father Sing from CSU). Well, to be truthful, one other kit didn't survive the experience. Looks like I'll be calling Berea in the morning.

    Keith, I'll ship these eight to you first thing on Monday. Do you have any special packing or shipping instructions now that you've had a chance to think about it?
    Kent Cori

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    I will help out any non turner by making some pens if they would like to sponser me for the kits. I will also be sending a few east next week i dont know how many i will be able to do financialy as i am currently unemployed but i do have the time avalible and i will do my share. As a vetran myself i know what it feels like to get anything from home in the mail, it brightens up the gloomiest of days.
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    Count me "in"! LOTS going on here at home, but I will get some together and send them your way. Awesome idea, guys!
    John K. Miliunas

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    I think it would be a great idea for your students to get involved with our Freedom Pen project. I'm sure we can hook you guys up with some pen kits and plenty of material. Stand by for more information.

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    Untill we investigate the sleaves Ken Salisbury mentioned in his post you can ship your pens to us anyway you prefer. I would like to have each pen rolled up in a 8.5" by 11" piece of paper with the name, city and state of the donor.

    I will transfer all of the pens we receive to one cubic foot boxes for shipping with the appropriate packing.

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    Count me in!!
    I got a PM about making some pens for our military and I got a little nervous. SOmehow I missed this thread and thought they wanted me to make them all. ROFLMAO, LOL, Ha ha ha
    I'll definatley participate.

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    I have posted this project at all the sites I can come up with. WOW, AAW, wood central in the turners section, and updated yahoo penturners. Dropped Ryan at woodturningz a note about this project too.

    Who knows, you might get 20,000 by the end of the month if we can this info out there!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Burch
    I just got off the phone with my wood supplier and told him about our efforts. He has agreed to save the rippings for me next week. I told him maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry and any other premium hardwood that they are processing. I'll get them for free. I told him I would start with a pickup-load, random lengths from 8' to 16'. Some may be up to 1" wide and up to 2" thick (if they are processing 8/4).

    Score!!! Now, I need a place to send them, or you all can come get them. (Sure wish I had a stock feeder now..., and a tiger stop...)

    Can these be band-sawn? Do they need to be 4-sided smooth? I would think band-sawn and rough would be OK for all you excellent turners out there.

    Todd .
    Todd....send me some....I'm ordering 20 pen kits to add to what I already have onhand and I need some more stock for pen blanks. 3/4" by 3/4" by 6" is perfect. If you don't want to cut it up....just send however you want and I will get it done.
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    I'm currently not a turner, however I had already signed up for a class at Woodcraft in order to decide if I wanted to get a lathe and begin turning. Now I know the answer!

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    I would suggest that ppl contact the Manufacturers of the kits. Berea, PSI, and Craft Supplies USA to see if they would like to donate. I would be willing to bet that we could get a substantial donation that way.

    Personally I have a large inventory of pen blanks that I could donate. I mostly have exotics tho. I'm not in a place where I could buy a bunch of kits, but am definately willing to turn some. Could we have a forum or similar to coordinate this? Let me know. I have 50 Australian Cypress and 50 Goncalo Alves blanks that I can ship immediately to ppl who will turn them. Thanks!


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    Making pens without a lathe

    I do not have a lathe (yet) but have made several pens without a lathe using my belt sander and drill press. They have came out great and are extremely easy to do. Here is the link on how to do it without a lathe -

    Good luck

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